Amazon Pokemon Monopoly game on sale for 23.98

Pokemon Monopoly Game on Sale!

The classic family game of Monopoly on sale has collaborated with Pokemon to take their game up to the next level! Immerse yourself in both the Pokemon and Monopoly universes combined. Whether you are Pikachu, Pichu, or Togepi, it will be fun to see who will win all the Pokemon of the house! It is just like the classic game just with Pokemon themed quests, prizes, and other references to the show are present in this game compared to the traditional Monopoly currency, banks, and houses. It even comes with instructions to help people who don’t know Pokemon understand the Pokemon aspects of the game. Get this for your Pokemon-loving teenager as a fun party favor or for your anime nerd friend as a fun gift, while this Pokemon Monopoly game is on sale. Can’t wait to see which of the classic Pokemon characters that will come up!

Fun Immersive take on Monopoly

Looking for a great way to spend time with your family? Add this Pokemon Monopoly game on sale to your collection and have fun with the whole family! The Pokemon version of this game will get your kids interested or will remind you of your classic cartoons that you used to watch. Amazon currently has this Pokemon Monopoly game on sale for $23.98 compared to its normal price of $44.95! That is over 47% off of this boardgame. Grab yourself this Pokemon Monopoly game on sale before it runs out! Right now is a great time to snag this Pokemon Monopoly game on sale before the Christmas rush.




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