**Contest** Chance to Have Your Poem Published & Win $1000!!!

**Contest** Chance to Have Your Poem Published & Win $1000!!!

Those who have known me a long time, know that I used to write poems a lot. I had a notebook full of poems at one time. Since I’ve had kids, I don’t write near as much as I used to. From time to time, I’ll grab my pen and pick my brain for some meaningful lines. Do any of you write poems?? If you do, you might like this contest!!

Submit your poem in the World Amateur Poetry Contest and be entered to win $1000.00 PLUS have the chance to have your poem published!! Anyone can enter and it’s completely FREE! Pretty neat, right? Winners will be notified by email. Wishing you all tons of luck!!

Prize List:

  • (1) Grand Prize $1,000.00
  • (40) First Place Prize: Limited Edition 24 Karat Gold Clad Medals (valued at $125 each)
  • (74) Second Place Prizes: Limited Edition Silver Clad Medals (valued at $60 each)

I’m headed to get a poem together to submit now. If you decide to enter and enjoy poetry, feel free to share your poem with us in the comments below. We’d love to read all of your creative work, should you be comfortable sharing it with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

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