PJ Mask Die-Cast Playset in sale for $9.97

PJ Masks Die-Cast Playset on Sale!

Is your child a PJ Masks fanatic? Bring home the PJ Mask Universe with this PJ Mask Die Cast Playset on sale, they will race PJ Mask’s archnemesis, Night Ninja & the rest of the Nighttime Villians, from reaching the Die-Cast Headquarters. This Pj Masks Die-Cast Playset can change into six inter-changeable spinning character obstacles and includes a three-tiered spiral track with Headquarters’ tower, one die-cast Gekko Mobile, one die-cast Night Ninja bus, and four parking spaces. They will also be able to launch any of their PJ Mask vehicles that they already own on the launcher and race to save the day! This immersive glow-in-the-dark racetrack with catchphrases from the show is perfect for your child, especially now that you can take home this PJ Masks Die-Cast Playset while it’s on sale.

Immersive playset for the PJ Mask fan at home

Walmart currently has the sought-after PJ Mask Die-Cast playset on sale for just $9.97! Take this PJ Mask Die-Cast playset on sale through in-store pickup or have it shipped to you, you can get free shipping if you have an order over $35. This toy is perfect for a surprise gift or get your Christmas shopping early while this Pj Mask Die-Cast playset is on sale! Get yours while this Pj Mask Die-Cast playset on sale is still valid.

**Pj Mask Die-Cast playset for $9.97**

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