**WIN** We’re Giving Away a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

**WIN** We’re Giving Away a $50 Amazon Gift Card!


Congrats to our winner, Patsy Harrington!

You read that right! We’re giving away a $50 Amazon Gift card to 1 lucky winner! Think of all the great things you can buy with it.  Music, clothing, home decor, small appliances, shoes, you name it! Here’s the deal..

We’re EXTREMELY excited about a brand new website, called Reclipit – it’s like Pinterest but specifically focuses on coupons, recipes and freebies! It’s a frugal shoppers DREAM! Since we just joined, we don’t have any followers yet (sniff sniff). Obviously, we want to change that. So, “follow us” on Reclipit and enter our giveaway, using the form below.

We just added a bunch of recipes on there (and will be adding more).

***CLICK HERE to follow our recipes***
Contest is open to everyone, ages 18+. Entrants MUST be following at least one of our boards on Reclipit in order to win. You have until 4/15/12 to follow us and enter.


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