**SAVE** Up to 75% on Your Prescriptions!!!

**SAVE** Up to 75% on Your Prescriptions!!!

I’m sure there are lots of you out there who don’t have Health Insurance. This makes it EXTREMELY costly to go to the Doctor as well as getting prescriptions filled. Pharmacy Discount Network makes it a little bit cheaper on you when you need to get prescriptions filled.

Just enter your name and email and make sure to check the box so they know you do not have health insurance. Then you just print the page and take your card with you to your local participating Pharmacy. It’s THAT easy!!

You can save up to 75% OFF the medicines you need. You can check by zip code or city/state to see exactly which Pharmacies will accept your card by clicking on the ‘click here’ text on the right side of the page after you print.

I have used cards like these (and still do) when I have medicines I need and am without insurance. Any savings is better than no savings!! Let us know if you’ll be saving more on your medicine’s now!!

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