**FREE** MP3 Credit from Pepsi!!

**FREE** MP3 Credit from Pepsi!!

As many of you know by now, we love to grab FREE music! Right now, Pepsi on Twitter is offering a FREE Amazon MP3 Credit!!

To get this credit:

  1. Follow Pepsi on Twitter
  2. Tweet a Message @Pepsi using the hashtag #PepsiMusicNOW (example: I tweeted “@Pepsi I’m excited to get some #FREE Music!! Thanks for the offer!! #PepsiMusicNOW”)
  3. Wait for your Direct Message Reply to get your code for your FREE Amazon Credit
  4. Apply the credit to your Amazon Account
  5. Shop for MP3’s $1.29 or less
  6. Download your FREE Music
  7. Enjoy!



Thanks to Deal Wise Mommy for the heads up on this one!

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