Are You Maximizing Your Savings Online??

Are You Maximizing Your Savings Online??

How many of you love shopping online? What about daily deal sites? Do you take advantage of the deep discounts they offer? If you don’t use daily deal sites, you are missing out on a world of savings!

Take Living Social for example, it’s a deal site that offers new deals each day. They have deals on things like entertainment, restaurants, stores and more, discounted up to 70% OFF! It’s completely FREE to join and you can even earn some deals for FREE!! If you purchase a deal from Living Social, make sure you share your link! If 3 friends purchase the deal through your link, you get the deal completely FREE! Awesome right?!

So lets recap…you can save up to 70% OFF Local Stores, Restaurants, Activities and more. PLUS you can get some of those deals with no cost out of pocket. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of savings like that? Sites like Living Social, make it possible for someone like me, to get tons of items at a huge discount, if not completely FREE.

I’m able to put tons of things away for Christmas, meaning less money spent come November-December, and more money available to spend on my girls, bills, savings…you name it! Three years ago, we were struggling to get Christmas presents, even for our one daughter (at the time, we now have another lil turkey). We didn’t have gifts for the rest of the family and had to really work for the gifts we managed to get Madyson. Since then, I’ve become a daily deal site frequenter and a huge bargain hunter. Utilizing FREE Credit Offers, Referral Programs, Reward Sites, and any way I can find to earn a deal for FREE or get it at a HUGE discount, has changed my life.

I know that sounds extreme and silly to some, but we now have items we used to only dream about getting. Christmas is no longer as stressful, because I usually collect most of my gifts throughout the year. Christmas 2010, I spent NO money out of pocket and everyone had at least one gift (and we have a large family). My girls both had a ton of fun gifts to open, and I was one happy Mama.

My friends and family used to laugh when I mentioned some of the deals and freebies I’d received or earned. I think maybe they didn’t really believe or realize how great some of them were. Now everyone knows how awesome it is, and constantly ask me for tips & tricks so they can get in on the goods as well.

The point of all this rambling, is there are tons of ways you can save money online and earn some awesome deals & products at no cost. You don’t have to be rich to have nice things, you just have to get creative and take advantage of any and all opportunities that come your way.

Tips for Saving:

  • Watch & Sign up to Daily Deal Sites.
  • Always sign up for FREE Credit.
  • Check out referral programs available for sites you visit.
  • Use Reward/Survey Sites to earn gift cards, etc.
  • Coupons! Coupons! Coupons!
  • Check your cash back sites before making a purchase.
  • Search online for promo/discount codes for sites before making a purchase.
  • Watch Facebook & Twitter for Company’s special promos & offers.
  • Sign up for Member Accounts or Email for sites you shop at frequently. You can get special bonuses & perks (even freebies!) for being a member or subscriber.
  • Google a product to compare prices online before completing your purchase. Some deals seem great, but someone else may have them beat.


Have a ‘Saving Tip’? Please share, we’d love to hear it!!


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