**FREE** 5 Facebook Credits for Games!!!

**FREE** 5 Facebook Credits for Games!!!

Normally when I see these ‘Free Facebook Credit Offers’, I immediately think ‘SPAM!’. Sometimes though, they are actually legit. This one is one of the good ones!

How about 5 FREE Facebook Credits? Click ‘Like’ at the upper right corner of the page and enter your email address when the page reloads (remember to enter the email address associated with your facebook account, they must match to get the credits). Then simply click ‘Redeem with Facebook’. You do not have to share the post about the credits to get rewarded (I didn’t share it on my profile and got my credits).

Right after you Like’ Top TV Stuff on Facebook & Redeem with Facebook, you’ll get a notification that ifeelgoods has awarded you with 5 Facebook Credits. You can go to your Payment Settings on your Facebook Account to confirm you received the credits. Use your credits to buy things for your favorite games on Facebook!

Let us know if you grab this one!

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