**CLOSED** ~ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap Review & Giveaway~

**CLOSED** ~ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap Review & Giveaway~

I have been hearing so many things about the ItWorks wraps. In the back of my mind I was thinking it would be nice to try these to see if they really work. Afterall, it’s just a wrap that is supposed to make you lose inches. How is that even possible?! I was skeptical to say the least.

I was so excited when Katie Long , It Works Independent Distributor contacted me about doing a review. I was finally going to be able to try these out for myself and test it’s affects. Normally when we are contacted about a review, it takes a little time to get the items and everything worked out. Not with Katie! I had the wrap within a week of first talking to her. I had just moved, so things were a bit crazy. I was finally able to try out the wrap the other day.

It comes in a small package and includes a sheet of instructions. I read over the instructions and got all of my stuff ready. I measured myself in the 3 places suggested before applying the wrap. My measurements were 34, 34, 38. That’s measuring 3 inches above my navel, the smallest part of my waist, and then 3 inches below my navel. Not bad measurements – but definitely could use some improving, haha!

After I had my measurements, it was time to thoroughly wash the area I would be applying the wrap. I hopped in the shower and lathered up my belly, sides, and back. Dried the areas completely and got ready for the ‘hard’ part, which isn’t hard at all! I opened up the package and unfolded the wrap completely. The wrap is a thin paper-like material that is covered in a lotion-like gel. I did get a little messy because the wrap seemed to want to fall back and stick to itself. It possibly would have been less messy had I not tried to be so careful and worried about getting the lotion everywhere.

I had my Mom help me put the wrap on where it needed to be. We got it positioned on my belly area, covering my sides as well, and smoothed the wrap out to make sure there were no wrinkles. After we got the wrap applied, we took plastic Saran wrap and wrapped around my mid-section several times. That was a funny process, haha. I was turning in circles as my Mom wrapped me up like a burrito, haha! We still joke about that. After I was wrapped good in the Saran Wrap, I got out 2 Ace Bandages. I wanted to make sure I was wrapped the best possible. So I opted for both Saran Wrap and the Ace Bandage. We continued to turn in circles as she got me completely wrapped with the Ace Bandages. Voila! I was done!

From that point on, all I had to do was wait for the wrap to work. I went about my evening as normal. I blogged, cleaned, cooked supper, and went to bed. The minimum suggested time to leave the wrap on is 45 minutes, but again, I wanted to see the best results possible, so I left mine on overnight. I woke up the next morning and unwrapped the Ace Bandage and then the Saran Wrap. Then I peeled off the wrap and rubbed in the lotion that was still on my belly. Now I want to note that I waited 2 days to take my measurements again because it’s supposed to continue to work over a 72 hour period. Guess what happens on day 2?! Mother Nature calls! Blah! So I’m not sure if that affected my measurements because we all know that we gain a little excess water weight while having our monthly guest.

Are you wondering what my results were and if it really works?! Well, good news! It does actually work! My final measurements were 32, 32, 36. I lost a complete 6 inches all around! Honestly, I was shocked! I really didn’t think they would work that well. Now this isn’t a permanent solution to weightloss, but can be with proper diet and exercise (and with the help of some of their supplements). This is one of those things you could do for special occasions. Maybe you’ve gained a few inches and have a dress you want to get in that’s snug around the belly. Perfect time to get an ItWorks wrap!

Now the wraps aren’t just for your mid-section. They can also be used on your arms, legs, neck, etc. Pretty cool, right?! I think so! Body applicators aren’t all they sell though. You can also purchase supplements for all kinds of needs. Need skincare products? She has those too! Take a look around her site to see all she has to offer!!

Final thoughts on the ItWorks Body Applicator Wraps? I think they do exactly as they advertise. I was very happy with my 6 inches loss around my complete mid-section, especially since I was able to do so without changing my diet or exercising and saw the results in as little as 45 minutes! Her customer service is fabulous. She made sure I had no questions and was satisfied. Added bonus? Shipping was EXTREMELY fast! I’m now a believer, ItWorks!

About the Owner (in her own words): As a mom of 2, going to college and working on my Associates of Business and my Bachelors of Marketing, after being laid off from my job…I had to do something. I saw an ad for wraps one day back in October, and I literally went to the page and thought ‘These people are crazy! No way!’ and closed out the page. In March of this year, I saw a giveaway of a wrap. I started looking into it because it just looked to good to be true. After posting on the Global page, trying a wrap, and finally being connected with my AMAZING sponsor, Stacy, I am on a fast track to success. My first month I had amazing success! I had signed 11 distributors and made a check well over what I had ever expected. The day after I tried my first wrap, was the day I signed up with this amazing company and man am I glad that I did! The products are amazing! I’ve seen people completely transform and change their life with these products, I personally use everything and feel amazing everyday! I was feeling tired and groggy all the time. The wraps are amazing for results in MINUTES! The supplements are fantastic for weight loss, detoxing, energy, we even have a pill that blocks up to 30% of fat from being blocked when taken with a greasy meal! I have used 2 facials since I joined one once a week for 2 weeks, and my dark circles I have had my ENTIRE life, that I had tried everything for…are GONE!! I could go on and on about the products and their results!! My WHY is I needed income after being laid off from my job and was trying to help support my 2 kids, pay for college, and pay for our bills. This business has allowed for me to do that and so much more in just 3 short months! I have an amazing team and some awesome inspiration. My up line had a $3,212.59 RAISE last month, someone in my direct up line makes $120,000+ a MONTH, if that’s not inspiration I don’t know what is. IT REALLY WORKS Baby!!


Guess what?! Katie Long , It Works Independent Distributor has generously offered up an ItWorks Wrap for one lucky winner! SWEET! Someone will get to test the affects of these awesome wraps for themselves, for FREE!

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The Daily Goodie Bag received 1 ItWorks Body Applicator Wrap in order to conduct their review. No other form of compensation was received. The opinions stated above are that of The Daily Goodie Bag and no one elses.

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