Things I Learned at my Local IGA!

Things I Learned at my Local IGA!

Let me start by saying that I clearly don’t have much of a life. I find humor in the most obscure places and at times, my husband gives me a look as though to say “were you really this strange when we got married” (the answer is yes BTW). I definitely dance to a very different beat, but hey, that’s just me in all my glory.

Anywho… we took a trip to our local IGA yesterday (that’s a podunk kind of grocery store for those who don’t know) and without even trying, I found some unusual things. Let me point out that it was not my plan to go on a treasure hunt for things that seem strange. It just worked out that way (mainly because hubby felt the need to circle the store 3 dozen times as though something new would magically appear). While he was busy doing laps, I started wondering around, looking for possible coupon matchups (cause I love you guys). During my quest, I spotted a few things that I just found….odd. Let’s start with the photo to the left.

The bottle reads “Cheap Red Wine“. As appealing as that sounds, I can’t fathom anyone actually purchasing this item. For one thing, it’s not even the cheapest bottle of red wine on the shelf (thus debunking it’s less than clever billboard of a label). Take a look at the bottle to the left. It’s a Merlot from Arbor Mist. Now, my math may be a tad rusty, but from what I can remember, $4.49 is less than $5.79. Please feel free to email me and flame me if that’s incorrect.

The second thing that made me tilt my head, was the fact that they strategically placed another “unusual” wine, next to the bottle of “Cheap Red Wine”. See the bottle on the right? It says Menage a Trois. If you don’t know what that means, feel free to google it. I don’t want to be blamed for warping your mind.

Those who do know what it means… do you see why this is strange? Perhaps strange isn’t the right word. Maybe the word i’m looking for is brilliant. They’ve practically made a duo out of the Cheap Red Wine and the Menage a Trois. Ya feel me? I don’t know if it’s a marketing tactic, or some stockboy’s idea of a joke. I will say this though, I got a good chuckle out of it (yep, insert that look again – the one hubby always gives me).

On to the second photo… What’s better then some good clean family fun? Free Kites, Free face painting  and FREE wind! Wait… what? Free wind? Has the economy gotten so bad that charging for wind has become a normalcy? I get it by the boatload in my yard. Maybe I could bottle it up and sell it? (Ponders the going rate for wind these days).

It’s great that there are activities out here in the community, but i’d sure hate to see the look on a kids face when they show up and find out that all the FREE wind has been claimed. Could you imagine!?

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