NoMoreRack Insanity Deals – We Have an OFFICIAL Statement (MUST Read)!

NoMoreRack Insanity Deals – We Have an OFFICIAL Statement (MUST Read)!

We know there’s been a lot of confusion over the pre-black friday deals that are set to take place on NoMoreRack (click here to read our initial post about these deals). We’ve seen several people say that the deals will NOT be that cheap and that you will have to bid on the awesome items. Well, we spoke with Shauna S. in the promotions department (of No More Rack) and she provided us with an official statement. She’s given us permission to post this for all of you, to help clear up any confusion. Shauna writes:

Hi Renee,

Of course I would love to clarify exactly what Insanity Deals are.
Perhaps, our support team was not 100% up to speed (we move so fast).
Basically at some point last month, we decided we wanted to have “door
crashing” insanity deals. The name comes from “Insane prices”. The
quantities of these items are extremely limited (only 1000 sold a
month) and are introduced completely randomly. We lose money on these
deals, but do it because we believe the 1,000 customers that do
receive these insanity deals will become “Brand ambassadors” of ours.

How it works : Randomly through out the month, at any point of the
day, we will introduce the deal. Customers will see it by spotting a
purple box that says “Insanity Deal” and when they click on it. They
can buy the item (But it will go super fast).

Let me know if this helps clarify the process. Always here to help!

Thanks Shauna :)

So, to sum things up.. all of the items and prices that were initially mentioned (click here to read about them), are in fact correct. You WILL be able to score an iPad for $43.20, Kindle for $15.87, a Sony PS3 for $26.54 or a 52” Sony Bravia LCD HDTV for $59.96. The items will NOT be listed as an auction and there will be 1000 of these items available through out the month.

To make sure you don’t miss out, Join No More Rack RIGHT NOW! You’ll get a FREE $10 credit when you join (enter code P1070 in your account, under “redeem a gift card”) and CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. Be ready because these deals will be posted without warning. Not being a member (it’s FREE) means you WILL miss your shot!

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