Seriously IGA – Who Does Number 2 Work For?!

Seriously IGA – Who Does Number 2 Work For?!

Can someone please tell me, how it is that something like this could be overlooked? Look closely at the photo (I zoomed in on the bottom photo so you could get a better look). Is it just me, or is something missing?

I’m really starting to wonder about the people at IGA. Between the Cheap Red Wine, Menage a Trois and Free Wind, I thought I scooped up all the randomness that they had to offer. Apparently, I was wrong. The fact that we’ve found so many bloopers in one weekend, leads me to believe that IGA is filled with them! Not to worry, detective Renee is on the case!

Just moments ago, hubby came charging in here with a box in his hand. He shoved it toward me, while rambling on about numbers and steps. This is where I got to give hubby the face he always give me. You know the look. The one that’s a cross between “oh no you didn’t” and “why did I just waste my time listening to you babble“.

At first glance, there didn’t appear to be anything special about this box. It was nothing more than the storage place for frozen sausage biscuits. But…with my imaginary monocle and my keen detective skills, I spotted the cause of his discontent – a missing step in the microwave instructions!

I feel like this is someone’s idea of a blonde joke (don’t be offended. It’s ok.. i’m blonde). Remember those key chains that would say “how do you keep a blonde busy for hours? Turn this over“. So you’d turn it over and the other side would say “how do you keep a blonde busy for hours? Turn this over“. So the blonde girl is all “omg what do I do?“. Same concept here! Think about it. What happened to step 2? Who does number 2 work for (clearly not IGA)!?

It doesn’t stop there though! Turns out the IGA people aren’t fond of the number 3 either! They tell you how long to heat 1 sandwich (30 seconds). They tell you how long to heat 2 sandwiches (45 seconds). They even tell you how long to heat 4 sandwiches (60 seconds)…. but there’s no mention of how long it takes to make 3 of them.

Their increments go up by 15 seconds each time, yet they completely skip the number 3? What if i’m hungry for more than 2, but not hungry enough for 4? Why, IGA people?!

And another thing.. why do the microwave instructions say “microwave thawed sausage & biscuit on high as follows“? These are FROZEN biscuits found in the frozen foods section. Nowhere in the instructions does it say to thaw them. It just says to place on a napkin (or plate) and then to microwave  them. Perhaps step 2 was supposed to say “allow to thaw”? We’ll never know, will we?

Side note: I’d love to see some of the random things you guys have come across. I know I can’t be alone in finding off the wall things!


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