If I Die…..Would You or Wouldn’t You?

If I Die…..Would You or Wouldn’t You?

There’s a new app, If I Die on Facebook, that’s causing some talk lately. With this app, you can create video’s and messages to be posted to Facebook after you die. You select 3 “Trustees” (friends & family that you trust with your information), and those 3 Trustees must confirm your death before your video’s or messages are published to your account.

Now, some are saying this is morbid, sick, and/or creepy. Then there’s others who think it’s cool & a great way to comfort and give your friends peace of mind about your passing. You either hate the idea, or love it. Not many in-between on this topic.

My husband says he thinks it’s neat and no different than people who leave video’s for their loved ones to watch after they pass away. My personal opinion is mixed.

I can see how it might be viewed as weird. On the other hand, I know a lot of us are so busy with our day-to-day lives, that sometimes we don’t express our true feelings about friends and family or don’t express it enough. We’ve become (some of us) more distant and impersonal with the age of internet and social media. Maybe there’s someone who really touched your heart and life and you never got the courage or took the time to let that person know? Maybe you want to leave your children with a note of wisdom and encouragement. Perhaps you want to leave a humorous message to remind your friends and family of your lively spirit and bring a smile to their face after you’re gone? There are a lot of reasons why I could see people wanting to put this app to use.

We’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this topic. Renee and I had different views and we thought it would be a good post to get a discussion going with all of our readers and hear your feelings.

So the question is…What will you leave behind? Would you use an app like this? Or write a physical letter or do a home video? Would you not do any of that at all?



Thanks to Corey & Jay on The Edge Little Rock for the news on this topic.

Head over to Fox News for more information.

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