FREE Android App – Hungry Shark 3

FREE Android App – Hungry Shark 3

Now that the holidays are over with (can I get an AMEN lol), I can tell you that my two older kids, got a Kindle Fire. This has got to be my FAVORITE tablet ever! I officially HATE my iPad…but that’s not the reason for my post. What I DO want to bring up, is one of the apps that we downloaded for free. It’s called Hungry Shark 3 – Free Version. I got SO addicted to this game, that I ended up buying the paid version of Hungry Shark 3. Totally worth it if you ask me. It’s challenging, it’s exciting, and it brings back memories of Jaws (insert theme music here lol).

I do want to note that I wouldn’t personally recommend this app for very young children (say…toddlers) as the shark eats people. While it’s not graphic, there is red (blood) around them when the shark attacks. Just putting that out there.

The graphics are great, the game play is smooth and the addiction level is HIGH! So be warned, you may find yourself spending hours at a time, playing Hungry Shark 3!

Click here to get Hungry Shark 3 – FREE Version
Click here to get Hungry Shark 3 – FULL Version

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