**HOT** HP 60XL Black & Tri-color Ink Cartridges ONLY $14.58 with FREE Shipping!!

**HOT** HP 60XL Black & Tri-color Ink Cartridges ONLY $14.58 with FREE Shipping!!

Those of you who have a printer and use it frequently, know that ink isn’t cheap. I have been doing some shopping around for ink, for the first time since getting my printer for Christmas. I couldn’t bare the thought of spending $75+ on ink. Thank goodness for Amazon!!

I found this Remanufactured HP 60XL (1 black & 1 tri-color) Ink for only $15.54 $14.58 (that’s right they lowered the price since we first posted!) with FREE Shipping and jumped for joy!! If you bought a 60XL color and black from HP, you’d spend over $75.00. This particular set has really good reviews and also has a 1 year warranty!! Some reviewers stated their printer recognized the cartridges and notified them accurately when their ink was low. However, with remanufactured cartridges – there is a possibility your printer will read low ink even when they are full. Some of the reviews that were more negative, sounded to me like they should have taken advantage of the year warranty and contacted the company for a replacement cartridge.

I ordered 2 of these so I could have a back-up black & tri-color cartridge. It’s probably waiting for me at home, but I’m out of town visiting family. When I get back and get the cartridges put in, I will come back and update the post with my personal experience with these particular cartridges. I got (2) 60XL Black and (2) 60XL Tri-Color Cartridges for only $31.08…instead of paying $151.96 for the same amount from HP. That’s savings that really speak loudly to me, haha!

TIP: Wondering if this Remanufactured HP 60XL Ink will work with your printer? Try going to this product listing and selecting your printer brand, series, and model. Next hit ‘Go’ and it will tell you if this product will work with your printer. That is the actual HP Ink Cartridge that the remanufactured cartridges are replacing, so if that one works – the remanufactured ones should work as well. I did this myself to see if it would work with mine, and then happened to see the first review on the remanufactured ink listed my exact model (the review also happened to be extremely positive which helped seal the deal for me, haha).

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