**FREE** Over $800 Worth of DAZ 3D Art & Animation Software!! (Ends 2/29/12)

**FREE** Over $800 Worth of DAZ 3D Art & Animation Software!! (Ends 2/29/12)

Anyone out there like playing around with 3D Art & Animation? If so, you’re gonna LOVE this freebie!! Thru 2/29/2012 you can get over $800 worth of DAZ 3D Software for FREE!!! That’s right, over $800 worth of software and you pay NOTHING! How awesome is that? Download just one, or download them all…your choice!

DAZ 3D is offering the following 3D products for free:

  • DAZ Studio 4 Pro (Including Genesis, winner of 3D World’s 2011 Software Innovation of the Year Award): Retail $429.95
  • Bryce 7 Pro 3D Landscape and Animation Software: Retail $249.95
  • Hexagon 2.5 3D Modeling Software: Retail $149.95
  • 3D Photoshop Bridge: Retail $199.00 (Included with DAZ Studio 4 Pro)

To get this HOT freebie, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Software you wish to ‘Buy’
  2. Click ‘Add to Cart’ (price will be $0.00)
  3. Click ‘Continue Shopping’ if you wish to get another item
  4. Tip: You can click ‘continue shopping’ and come back here to get the direct link to the other FREE product of choice.
  5. Click ‘Check out’ when you are ready
  6. Create an Account (it’s free)
  7. -Fill in your info
  8. -Subscribe to Emails to be eligible for the FREE 3D Software
  9. -Click Sign Up
  10. -Confirm Your Email Address (BONUS, you’ll get a 30% OFF Coupon for Signing up!!)
  11. Once you confirm your email address, you can go back to your ‘Cart’ to complete the checkout process.
  12. Your total will be $0.00…FREE! Click ‘Place Order’

You’ve now purchased your software and can download it when you wish!

  1. Click ‘Account Profile’
  2. Click ‘Available Downloads’
  3. Sort the list by ‘PC’ or ‘Mac’ to make it easier
  4. Click the Downward Arrow to the right of each download that you wish to install.

I know that seems like a lot of steps, but the buying process goes by pretty quickly. Plus you are getting over $800 worth of software at no cost. I am starting my downloads now. I’ve never played around with 3D Art or Animation, but I cannot resist a freebie worth that much!! Let us know if you grab this too and be sure to ‘share’ this freebie with your friends!!


HUGE Thanks to Tigs Coupons & More for the heads up on this sweet freebie!!

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