To Be or NOT to be (furious)! You Decide!

To Be or NOT to be (furious)! You Decide!

Getting away from the freebies and deals for a moment as I have something I just HAVE to get off of my chest. Im really curious to hear what you all think about this situation and how you would handle it.

I have 5 kids. They range from 17 months, all the way through 13 years. Until recently, only the older 2 were in school. That is, until there was an opening in the Head Start program in our county. We’ve been trying to get my 4 year old in, since February 2011. Almost a year later, he was in.

Anywho, he came home from school yesterday, with quite a haircut (seen in the main photo). He was somehow able to gain access to scissors, and proceeded to cut his hair from temple to temple. While I am upset that this happened, I am more upset over the lack of supervision. They use safety scissors. If you’ve ever used safety scissors, then you already know how difficult it is to cut anything besides paper. It would have taken him several minutes to chop off all that hair. My guess? a good 4-5 minutes.

This apparently happened during nap time – which takes place IN THE CLASSROOM! I’d like to know how 3 teachers (yes, there are 3 teachers for a dozen kids), didn’t see him doing this. Where were they? what were they doing? Why was he able to gain access to those scissors?

As if the “haircut” wasn’t bad enough, I didn’t receive so much as a phone call or a letter, letting me know that it had happened. I didn’t find out until he came off of the bus like that, yesterday. Obviously, I was pretty upset so hubby called the coordinator and told her what happened. She was very compassionate and said she would be calling them in the morning to get the story.

Fast forward to today… Chase came home from school with a letter in regards to yesterdays events. It was dated for yesterday but not written until today. I know, because the coordinator called earlier to say she spoke with the teacher and she was writing the letter when they spoke.

Well, that “letter” did nothing but anger me. Not only did she not mention HOW he was able to get a hold of the scissors, she didn’t so much as apologize! Bad right? No, it gets worse. She ended the letter with “I can see that working with Chase is going to be very interesting” – which I read as “your kid is a little snot”.

So, let me ask you parents out there. How would YOU feel about this situation? Yes, it’s just hair and yes, it will grow back. That’s not the issue itself. The issue is that he’s clearly not being supervised. Well, that and the snarky letter (seen below…click to enlarge).

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