FREE Full Sized Samples for Men and Women PLUS FREE Amazon Gift Cards!

FREE Full Sized Samples for Men and Women PLUS FREE Amazon Gift Cards!

So most of the time, the freebies that are handed out are geared towards women. Don’t get me wrong… as a woman, I LOVE IT! But, we don’t want the men to feel left out! Apparently, neither does Crowdtap!

As i’m sure many of you know (or have seen us post about it), there are several sampling opportunities that come up on there. Basically, you answer a few quick polls so they can determine what your interests are, and if when your answers (and demographics) match an available campaign, you will be invited to apply. Once approved, they ship your freebies to you. All you do in return is tell them what you like and don’t like, about the products they sent.

Plus, just for giving them feedback, you earn money!! That money is paid to you via an Amazon Gift Card, when you cash out. EASY!!! As an added bonus, you’re also helping to raise money for a charity of your choice. It’s really a win/win/win!

Recently, there have been campaigns for FREE Jeans from Old Navy, Free Hawaiian Tropic Lotion, FREE Shorts from Old Navy, Free Accessories from Old Navy and Free dresses from Old Navy. Naturally, you can see why this website ROCKS! Here’s an added bonus. They send freebies for you AND your friends!!! SCORE!!

Men – To get started on crowdtap, sign up here.
Women – To get started on Crowdtap, sign up here.

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