A Special Valentine for My Husband

A Special Valentine for My Husband

It’s Valentine’s Day! For those of you who have a special someone, today might be special for you. I wanted to do something a little different from our normal posts. Let me explain….

It’s been hectic at our house since Christmas. From sickness to other things, we’ve all been extremely busy and you could even say stressed. I didn’t even think about getting my husband something for Valentine’s Day because I assumed we would just say “Happy Valentine’s Day” and go about the day as normal.

I have caught a cold again and slept in this morning. When I woke up, there was a sweet surprise for me and my girls sitting on my desk. My super sweet husband, Todd, had gotten me a beautiful White Rose & a balloon, along with a very sincere and thoughtful card. He got both of our girls (each) a box of candy, as well as a wrapped chocolate giftset with a small balloon. So sweet, right?!

He’s always doing things like this too. He’ll act as if we aren’t celebrating something and low and behold he’ll have a special surprise. He does everything for me and my girls and makes sure we always have what we need and want, regardless of what he has to sacrifice to get it. He truly is amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better husband!

I felt horrible because I haven’t been anywhere to get him anything and at this point, going to get something wouldn’t mean as much, because…well – I waited too late. Now I used to write him special poems when we were first dating and newly married. I figured I would write up a sweet poem to give to him. Since we have our site, I figured it might mean a little more if I dedicated a ‘Valentine’s’ post to him. So I’m going to put my poem below for my husband. I’ve never claimed to be a great poem writer, so please refrain from criticizing. The only thing that matters is that my husband feels loved and acknowledged. After all, he deserves it!!

So here we go! Todd Pevey, this is for you!

To my wonderful Husband
Going on 7 strong years
You are my true soul mate
Always wiping my tears

We’ve had our ups
And we’ve had our downs
But our love for sure
Is not one to be clowned

No one can know
The love we hold deep inside
Continuing to outlast
Disbeliefs we defied

We don’t have to say it
But sometimes it’s nice to hear
I will always love you
For that, you should have no fear

We came together in love
Created life, our 2 girls
A wild ride at times
But they truly are our world

You make my world complete
My feelings will never sway
I love you, heart & soul
Happy Valentine’s Day!!

For all of our fans, I truly hope you have a very special day! I also hope each and every one of you are as blessed as I am, to find the kind of love that never fades. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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