Case-It Build-A-Binder ONLY $15.95 SHIPPED! (reg $44.99)

Case-It Build-A-Binder ONLY $15.95 SHIPPED! (reg $44.99)

I want this! I’ve been needing to update my coupon binder and this would be perfect! I tend to spend ALL DAY on a couponing trip and I carry A LOT of things with me! With the Case-It Build-A-Binder I can do just that! Not only does it have a place I can put my coupons but it also has a place for my laptop and I can even pack a lunch so I don’t have to spend money eating out! What makes it even better is the Case-It Build-A-Binder is only $15.95! (reg $44.99) Here are the specs:

  • 6-Color Tabbed expanding file
  • Removable Neoprene Computer Case and Lunch Bag
  • File’s back panel’s flap becomes extra pocket
  • Handle & Detatchable shoulder strap
  • Holds a standard 15 inch laptop

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Prices on Amazon can (and do) change without warning. If you want this price, get it now!

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