**Earn** Extra Bucks with the Greenbagtag at CVS!!!

**Earn** Extra Bucks with the Greenbagtag at CVS!!!

Some of you may have heard about this, but in case you haven’t…we wanted to fill you in. Have you heard of the Greenbagtag at CVS?? If you frequently shop at CVS and have a CVS ExtraCare Card, you will definitely want to get a Greenbagtag if you haven’t already!

The Greenbagtag can be purchased online or in-store at the register for only $0.99. That’s a small price to pay considering the rewards you can earn!! Once you have your tag, simply put it on any reusable bag, and bring that bag & tag with you when you shop at CVS. When you checkout, show the cashier your bag & let them scan your CVS Card and Greenbagtag.

Here’s where the good part comes in to play, you’ll earn a $1.00 Extra Buck Reward with every 4th purchase you make (using your Greenbagtag & reusable bag)!!! It will automatically print on your receipt and you can use it as you wish. There is a limit of (1) Greenbagtag use/scan per day, per household. But imagine, if you happened to shop at CVS every day for an entire month, that would be around $30.00 in Extra Bucks just for using the Greenbagtag!! Granted shopping there every day would be a bit much, but that’s just an example. Not to mention you can already earn tons of Extra Bucks with other purchases & promotions as it is. That allows you to get FREE stuff, so this just adds to that making it even sweeter and even MORE Free Stuff!!

Do you use a Greenbagtag?? Are you loving the rewards?? We’d love to hear your stories!!

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