**FREE** Child Safety ID Kit & Quote from the Gerber Grow Up Plan!!

**FREE** Child Safety ID Kit & Quote from the Gerber Grow Up Plan!!

Life Insurance and saving is important at any and every age. Sadly, it’s proven everyday. The earlier you start, the better and easier it is on you in the future.

I’ve heard of Gerber Grow-Up Plan for a long time (commercials, mailings, doctor’s offices, etc) and never took the initiative to sign up. I’m thankful to have awesome parents who signed my girls up for this last year. Did you know you can get this coverage for less than $4.00 a month?? That’s less than $1.00 a week and less than $0.14 a day!! Money is tight for a large amount of people right now, but $4.00 a month is something most of us can budget in. I can even afford this, and I can’t afford many extra’s these days (sad but true lol).

Did you know the Grow-Up Plan doubles when your child turns 18?? That means if you pay for the $5,000 coverage plan, they would then have $10,000. Get the $15,000 coverage plan and they’d have $30,000! Pretty awesome, right?!?

You also lock-in a rate when you join (the rate will be lower the younger your child is) and it’s guaranteed to never go up. So for my 5 year old, it would be $3.43 a month and will never increase. Once your child becomes an adult (18 or older) they can increase their coverage up to 10 times the amount they already have regardless of their health, occupation, or anything else. With life’s uncertainties, that’s something that is reassuring.

Another plus is when the policy has been active and premiums have been paid for 25 years, they can cash that policy in for 100% of the premiums paid. That’s a very nice plus!! Maybe they need a car or need money for college? They’ll have something that’s like a savings account or ‘nestegg’ to cash in on when they are older!!

BONUS! You can get a FREE Quote right now, no cost at all. If you do decide to purchase a plan now, you’ll get a FREE Child Safety ID Kit!! You can still get the FREE Child Safety ID Kit without purchasing, but you’ll have to mail in a request.

Do you have a Gerber Grow-Up Plan or savings for your children? Do you plan on getting one or starting to save in the future?? Do you think saving for your children is important?? We’d love to hear your thoughts!!

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