FREE Remote Controlled Helicopter!

FREE Remote Controlled Helicopter!

Boy’s will be boys and they sure love their gadgets. Sadly, those gadgets often come at a high price. Well, what if I told you that you can get a Remote Controlled Helicopter (or 36 other items) for FREE? You don’t even pay shipping!! Here’s how:

1. Sign up for a FREE account at NMR and confirm your email address (you’ll even get a $10 credit with code P1070)!
2. Go to your account and grab your referral link
3. Refer 25 people to their website (NO PURCHASE or Credit Card needed)!
4. Once you have 25 referrals, you can redeem them for this awesome Helicopter!!

As mentioned, there’s no purchase necessary and no credit card needed. Not unless you CHOOSE to purchase from them (again, not required). There’s no cost at all. Not for you and not for your referrals. Before you ask, YES, this is 100% legit! See the random photos in this post (not the helicopter)? These are all items I got for FREE from them and you can too! I have used their website for a year now and have received the following for FREE:

  • 2 50? Plasma TV’s
  • 2 Kindle Fire’s (to be delivered shortly)
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple TV
  • iPod touch
  • 2 iPod shuffles
  • 2 Calvin Klein handbags
  • 2 Coach handbags
  • 4 Sephora Makeup Palettes
  • 3 MAC eye shadows
  • 3 Suite Life on Deck Bedding sets
  • 2 Loreal Lipsticks
  • and sooo much more!

They add new items all the time and there’s no limit to how many freebies you can get. This is an ongoing promotion so you don’t have to worry about rushing to get those referrals. Just keep telling your friends and family about the freebies (and the FREE $10 credit should they CHOOSE to purchase anything).

No interest in the Helicopter? No problem! There are currently 37 different items on there that you can pick from (LOTS of electronics). So, sign up for a FREE account and start referring your friends. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be cashing in on those freebies.

Ohh before I forget… the most important part. To check the status of how many people you’ve referred (and of course, to redeem your referrals for freebies). Be sure you’re logged in to your account and then go to!

**FREE** Woven & Braided Women’s Belt!!

**FREE** Woven & Braided Women’s Belt!!

Woohoo! Another awesome freebie available from No More Rack!! Today you can get a Woven and Braided Women’s Belt absolutely FREE! You simply refer a few friends and it’s yours! They always give out some of the best freebies, on top of their awesome deals! Don’t forget, everyone gets $10 in FREE Credit! Just go to ‘Redeem a Gift Card’ in your account and enter code: P1080 to instantly add the credit to your account. These belts will probably go fast, so hurry over if you want one!



To get your FREE Woven & Braided Belt:

  1. Login or sign up for a FREE Account at No More Rack
  2. Go to ‘Invite Friends’ under ‘My Account’ and grab your referral link
  3. Invite 5 Friends to join No More Rack (they never have to make a purchase)
  4. Once 5 friends have joined under you, click on the Belt and click ‘I want this’
  5. Complete your order and wait on your Belt to arrive in the mail
  6. Enjoy!
**FREE** $10 Credit for You & Your Friends!!!

**FREE** $10 Credit for You & Your Friends!!!

Head over and sign up with No More Rack to snag your FREE $10 Credit! Just enter code P1080  under ‘Redeem a Gift Card’ to instantly apply your credit! It’s THAT easy!

Not only do they have the on-going FREE Credit for you and all your friends, but they have great deals as well! Think ‘Christmas’! You can get tons of great items at a fraction of the cost.

Bonus? They have ‘FriendRack‘ where you can earn great prizes for simply referring your friends. They’ll never have to make a purchase and each friend gives you a point. Use those points to cash in for great items like 50 inch Plasma’s, iPads, iPods, Kitchen appliances and so much more! They are constantly adding new items. Awesome right?!

So what are you waiting for? Jump into the fun and get started by joining today!


Note: You will have to have at least $20 in your cart to be able to apply your free credit at checkout.

**FREE** Slick Shower Radio!!

**FREE** Slick Shower Radio!!

Yet another awesome freebie from No More Rack! Jump on the freebie train and reward yourself with TONS of great freebies!! Something new everyday and it’s always something good!

Today you can get a super cool Slick Shower Radio for FREE! All you have to do is refer a few friends. They never have to make a purchase!! They’ll even get a FREE $10 Credit when they sign up!!

To apply your FREE $10 Credit just enter code: P1070 under Redeem a Gift Card and it will be instantly added to your account.

To get your FREE Slick Shower Radio:

  1. Sign in or sign up at No More Rack
  2. Confirm Your Email
  3. Grab your referral link and invite your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter etc. (Make sure they confirm their email as well)
  4. Once you get 10 Friends, click on ‘I want this deal’ and confirm you order

That’s it!! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!! Completely free which is definitely for me! I can see myself with this radio in my shower, singing away!! Haha! Let us know if you grab this one!!

**FREE** Electronics (iPads, Laptops, XBox, Wii, & More) Must Confirm Email!!

**FREE** Electronics (iPads, Laptops, XBox, Wii, & More) Must Confirm Email!!

Because of this AMAZING website, I’ve received a FREE ipad, FREE Apple TV, 2 FREE Calvin Klein handbags, FREE M.A.C Makeup, FREE Sephora Makeup, 8 FREE pairs of earrings, 7 FREE pairs of designer sunglasses, FREE XBox with Kinect Package, and MORE!! There is no cost whatsoever!!

How do you get kickin’ freebies like that? Simple!!

Here’s how:
1.Sign up at No More Rack
2. Confirm your email address
3. Once you’re signed up & Confirmed, click on the banner at the bottom of the page that says “Friend Rack”
4. Grab your referral link
5. Refer your friends (BONUS… everyone gets a FREE $10 credit to their website too, with code P1080!!)
6. Make sure your friends confirm their email as well so you get credit for referring them


It’s very easy and there are TONS of freebies to choose from! The more people you refer, the better your prize is! Here’s a screen cap of the prizes you can choose from, which they are constantly updating. There’s NO End Date to this promo, so you can take as much time as you need to refer and keep grabbing awesome freebies!! (P.S. CLICK HERE to see pics of some things I’ve received from them)

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