**FREE** Phone Number and Texting from Google Voice!!

**FREE** Phone Number and Texting from Google Voice!!

This was originally posted on 1/2/2011, but it’s a very useful free item that some of you may not know about. So we figured we’d re-post it. Enjoy!

So, you’re probably thinking “why on earth would I want a phone number..what kind of freebie is that”? There’s a very good reason actually. Anyone signing up for freebies and sweepstakes, knows that most offers require you to enter a phone number. How many people dread entering their number out of fear that they’ll start getting spam phone calls? ALL OF US! You can prevent that from happening by signing up for a FREE phone number from Google Voice. Here’s how it works:

Once you click the link, you’ll be asked to choose a number. Enter your zip code and it will provide you with available local numbers. Choose one and then follow the on screen steps. After you’ve decided on a number, you’ll be asked to enter your real phone number (don’t worry this is private).  Once you’ve done that, you will see a special code on your screen. Google Voice will then call your phone and ask you to enter the code. As soon as you do, your new account will be active and you will no longer have to enter your personal number.

It gets even better though. You can use this number in your everyday life for many great things. Like FREE text messaging, FREE calls in the US and Canada, and even FREE voicemail! What more could you ask for?

Sign up now and prevent unwanted calls!

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