Find out your credit score for FREE! (Legit, Safe, & 100% FREE)

Find out your credit score for FREE! (Legit, Safe, & 100% FREE)

You know how you see all the commercials about “free credit report scores” and never can find one that truly is free? Then if you do find some – they don’t tell you your actual score for free, but rather give you info that’s on your credit reports. Even the Credit Report information those sites offer, usually cannot be obtained immediately. I’ve always been told my information is not available and I have to mail a request to be able to see my report. Anyone else have this problem?? Can you relate to my frustration??

Well, Credit Karma provides a truly FREE credit score! Your scores are retrieved securely with no hidden fees. You’ll see your score (yes, the numbers!) right there in black and white! They also have other added benefits on their site. For instance, they list different ways for you to improve your credit score.

PLUS they now offer FREE Credit Monitoring!! This can help you prevent Identity Theft and inaccurate info from showing up on your report. You’ll get alerts if anything significant changes on your credit report. Your credit will be monitored DAILY. Best of all, it’s a completely FREE added benefit you can sign up for, in addition to your regular FREE Credit Karma Account.

The hubs and I were amazed that Credit Karma was offering all the information it did…..for FREE! Honestly, our scores were not as scary as we thought they were going to be, haha. It never hurts to know your score and try to improve it. In fact, it’s really important. A few small steps on your part, can improve your score tremendously.

Note: the site’s address when you start entering info is https:// meaning that it is secure. Your information is safe and you will learn tons of useful facts about your credit. Let us know if you find this site beneficial!

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