$15 Worth of 3D and Animated Cards – FREE!!!

$15 Worth of 3D and Animated Cards – FREE!!!

Ahhhh…. Is it just me, or do awesome freebies make you feel at peace? On one hand, it’s an adrenaline rush. On the other, there’s this calm that comes over me (possibly cause I don’t have to stress money at the moment).

Here’s another great freebie! For the whopping price of $0, you can snag yourself $15 worth of 3d and animated cards…for Snapily. Here’s how to get the goods:

1. Sign up at Save More (new members get a $10 credit)
2. Purchase their online deal (for Snapily), using $7.50 of your credit.
3. Your coupon code will appear in your account tomorrow. Use it on Snapily.com (Psst, you also get a $3 Snapily Credit just for joining with our link. That could cover shipping costs)!

That’s it! Very simple. You can actually get 4 cards and pay nothing (your $3 Snapily credit should cover that)!! That’s a sweet deal!! Especially since these are 3D or animated (holograms). VERY cool!!

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