**FREE** Eternal Summer Bracelet ($60 Value) PLUS Free Credit!!!

**FREE** Eternal Summer Bracelet ($60 Value) PLUS Free Credit!!!

UPDATE 5/14/2012 – They just RESTOCKED these bracelets and extended the deal for a few more hours! Hurry and grab this one if you happened to miss out before!!

UPDATE 5/13/12The bracelet freebie is now SOLD OUT. Sorry for those who missed it, watch our posts for an update when they list a new freebie.

I love seeing what the new freebie will be when one of their promo’s ends. Items like these are great to stick back for gifts (Birthday’s, Christmas, etc). I’m loving the item this month too!!

Sign up for your FREE Account and you’ll unlock 2 rewards instantly!! Right now it’s a FREE Eternal Summer Bracelet and $10 in FREE Credit!! The Eternal Summer Bracelet is valued at $60.00!!! Not bad for a freebie, right?!? Each color has a meaning too which adds a unique flair to this stylish item. This is a limited time offer, so hurry over if you want in on this one!!


How to get your FREE Rewards:

  1. Sign up for a FREE Account
  2. Connect with Facebook
  3. Click ‘Share’ to unlock your rewards (you can share with up to 3 friends if you want to)
  4. Click ‘Use Your Rewards/Badges’
  5. You’ll be taken to the page with the Eternal Summer Bracelet
  6. Click ‘Peeq’
  7. It will be FREE and you can click ‘Buy Now’ and complete the checkout process (shipping is FREE on this item as well)!!
  8. Watch the mail for your FREE goodie!!


**FREE** Bracelet when you refer 5 friends!

**FREE** Bracelet when you refer 5 friends!

NoMoreRack is a great site for daily deals (and I do mean great!) Every new member gets $10 Credit for FREE when they sign up. You just have to ‘Redeem a Gift Card’ by entering P1070 and the $10 will instantly be credited. They from time to time will add extra credits to your account as well. You do have to have $20 worth of items in your cart to be able to use the Free credit – but they always have some great deals!! For Memorial Day weekend they are doing something special! Refer 5 friends and get a FREE Bracelet!!! This is open for US Residents only.

Steps to get your bracelet:

  • Login or sign up
  • Click ‘Invite a Friend’ to get your referral link
  • Once you have 5 friends head over here to submit their email addresses and order your bracelet.

It’s THAT simple! Let us know if you plan on getting a FREE bracelet this weekend!!

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