Who Wants to WIN? We’re Giving Away Prizes!

Who Wants to WIN? We’re Giving Away Prizes!

Recently, we introduced a brand new feature on The Daily Goodie Bag. We’ve added forums! We did this, because we love being interactive with all of you. Facebook is great, but it’s limited. Not only that, but many of you are not seeing our posts. You can’t interact if you cant see us, right? Click here to go to the forums!

If you’ve already created an account on our blog (used to comment on posts), you will NOT need to create a new account on the forums. Just log in with your existing username and password. Pretty cool, huh? Know what else is cool? We’ll be giving away prizes at random times, to those who actively participate in the forums (click here for details).

Why are The Daily Goodie Bag Forums so great? In addition to winning prizes, you can:

  • Post your mail calls
  • Post about your awesome shopping trips
  • Share hot deals and feebies
  • Exchange coupons
  • Get help with votes for contests you’re in
  • Chat with like-minded people

You don’t need to wait on us to approve your posts! You can share all of the above (including photos) and have a great time doing it! And to think, you can randomly win prizes, just for being active and doing those things. Awesome right?

So, head on over to the forums to get started! See you there!

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