**Important** User Account Issue Update, Please Read:

**Important** User Account Issue Update, Please Read:

It has recently come to our attention that some of you may be experiencing problems when you try to login to our site. This is most likely due to the hacker deleting our database from October 6th to December 11th.

If you registered for an account with our site during those dates (10/6-12/11), you will most likely need to create a NEW account. We are extremely sorry for this inconvenience. However, it’s a pretty simple fix and once you create a new account, you can go back to enjoying our site with ease.

If anyone is experiencing other problems with our site, feel free to leave us a message on Facebook or email us at info@thedailygoodiebag.com and we will address the problems accordingly.

Again, we apologize for any trouble this may have caused you. We are working extra hard to get everything back to normal, while still bringing you great deals & goodies. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. Thank YOU for being awesome fans!!

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