**Beware** Of Odd Amazon Email Cancellation Notices!!

**Beware** Of Odd Amazon Email Cancellation Notices!!

I consider myself pretty smart and safe when it comes to bogus emails. I am a huge fan of Amazon and order things frequently on their site. Never have I received a fake Amazon email….until yesterday that is.

Yesterday I received a total of 3 emails, supposedly notifying me of order cancellations on Amazon.com. They claimed my order was cancelled successfully. Funny thing about that is, I hadn’t ordered anything on Amazon yesterday and everything I’ve ordered last month had already arrived. I most certainly had no orders to cancel. This flipped a light switch in my head.

Since something smelled fishy, I decided to go check my Amazon account. Did I go through the links in the email?? NO! Never go through links in an email if they are suspicious. Why? Because they could take you to a phishing website that would steal your personal information or give you a horrible virus on your computer. You can hover over the link to see where it actually leads. For instance, the links to the order number and to amazon.com in these particular emails led to different places. Even though it appeared it would go to Amazon.com…it actually would have went to another site (see in screen shot below).

When I got to my Amazon account, it showed no new orders, and most importantly no cancellations. I also decided to search for the product in one of the emails (that I had supposedly ordered & cancelled) on Amazon’s site. Suprise suprise! No such item existed on their site!

Then I decided to look at “Help” so I could send them a notice about these emails I received. What was the first thing I saw? “Suspicious Cancellation Emails” at the very top of the Help page. I have been to the Help section a LOT, haha. Never before have I seen that, which makes me think they are having an increased problem with fake emails. They list all the steps to take and tell you how to protect your account. They also have a form to submit these Spoof Amazon Emails. I submitted 3 forms for all 3 fake emails. After that, they’ll email you and ask you to forward the email to stop-spoofing@amazon.com, which I did for all 3 emails.

Why is it important to report these emails? Because it’s not Amazon.com sending them and no sort of action can be taken against the senders (most likely scammers) if Amazon doesn’t know about it and have all the information they need to take action.

Was my personal or account information compromised?? No. I did not click any links. They didn’t ask me for any personal information, even if they I had – I wouldn’t have sent it to them. I didn’t save or download any attachments. I went to Amazon.com on my own by opening a new tab and typing in the address. Therefore, my account and personal info was safe.

We feel everyone should be aware of fake/scams like these. Some people may be aware, but others are not and might like the heads up. Below you can see examples of the emails and then a real amazon email, you’ll see the difference.

Here's the **FAKE** Email I received

Here's the FULL HEADER for the **FAKE** Email. Notice the return address has nothing to do with Amazon.

Here's an example of a **REAL** Amazon Email, notice how different the two look.

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