**FREE** Flower Pin Cushion Pattern (and LOTS more)!!!

**FREE** Flower Pin Cushion Pattern (and LOTS more)!!!

Isn’t this pin cushion cute??? What if I told you that you could EASILY make one yourself?! That’s right!

Head over and get your FREE Flower Pin Cushion Pattern!! Simply create your FREE Account or login and click on the “Patterns” tab at the top of the page. Then you can search for patterns you are interested in. If you are looking for FREE Patterns, type in “FREE”. If you like the pattern pictured above, type in “Fabric Flower Pin Cushion Pattern” (without quotations).

When you see the one you want, click on “Add to Cart”. You’ll be able to download your FREE Patterns to your computer and begin creating your masterpieces! How awesome is that?!?

They have soooo many different free patterns, so browse them all – you might find several more you want!! Let us know if you grab this one!!

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