Dropcam HD Review & Giveaway

Dropcam HD Review & Giveaway

I received a Dropcam HD in order to conduct my review. No other form of compensation has been received. All opinions within this post are that of my own and have in no way been swayed.


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When I purchased my home (back in November), I was thrilled to find that the house included a security system. We’re in a very good area but you never know when something bad could happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry (especially when you have 5 children). The one thing it didn’t have though, is video surveillance – something I’ve wanted for a long time.


Some of you may remember the surveillance system I bought last year on Amazon. I never ended up using it. In fact, it’s still sitting in the box. I thought it was wireless and it wasn’t. Can you imagine the time (and cost) involved in setting up a wired video surveillance system? What a headache! Fortunately, there are better options out there. One of which, is the Dropcam HD.


The Dropcam HD is extremely easy to set up (see the video below). It’s basically a plug and play. You plug the camera into your computer and set up your account (username, password and WiFi settings). After that, you unplug it and place it in the location of your choice. It’s incredibly easy to do.


You can watch your live feed from anywhere there’s WiFi (or 3G/4G). Just log in to your account from a computer, tablet or smartphone. You’re even able to communicate with the people in the house, without having to be there! Example: You’re out to dinner with you spouse and the kids are home alone. You tell them they are not allowed to have any friends over when you’re not there, but they try and sneak someone in. You’ll not only see it on the Dropcam HD live feed, but you can yell to them through the Dropcam! You can hear them and they can hear you! Pretty nifty if I do say so myself!


My husband is able to peek in on us while he’s out running errands, and I can do the same. He uses his smartphone (an android), while I use my iPad. To do this, you just download the FREE Dropcam app from the app store (or on Google Play from your android device).


Here’s a screen shot of how it looks on my iPad in full screen…


I can’t forget to mention that you can actually view four Dropcams within your home, at one time! I only have one right now but I plan on ending up with four of them eventually. In addition to the one I placed in the living room, I’d also like to have one pointed at the front door, in the kitchen, and toward the garage door.


Here’s a screen shot from the iPad, where you can see all of your cameras at once. Again, I only have one right now so that’s why you’re only seeing one cam feed.




Another favorite feature of mine is the night vision. By default, your Dropcam will switch to night vision when it gets dark. This allows you to continue monitoring your home, without keeping all the lights on. I personally love that it does that but if that’s not something you’re interested, you can easily turn that off. In fact, you can completely control the cam from any of your devices. You can turn it on, turn it off, turn up the volume, etc; all with the click of a button.


Here’s a before and after screenshot of the night vision. In the first photo, you’ll notice that it’s dark out but the Dropcam is showing my living room as usual. In the second photo, you’ll see that it’s now black & white. This is the night vision. While it’s not crystal clear, it’s clear enough to see what’s going on.




Regardless of what device you’re viewing from, you have the ability to easily zoom in. On the computer, you’ll see a scroll bar. On a tablet or smartphone, you’ll touch the screen with 2 fingers while spreading your fingers apart (same way you zoom in on anything with those devices). That’s a useful feature to have should someone ever break in (heaven forbid).


Which brings me to another feature – activity recognition. The Dropcam is an advanced piece of equipment. It will not only recognize movement within the room (and alert you), but it learns your typical patterns. That means typical motion patterns are detected in your video stream so you can customize the alerts you receive. So cool!


The Dropcam HD retails for $149. Everything I’ve mentioned in this post is included with your purchase. If you’d like to record and store the footage from your Dropcam, there is a fee for that. You can review footage from the past week ($99/yr) or past month ($299/year). You’ll also be able to save and share favorite clips. Again, this is completely optional. You’ll receive a 14-day FREE trial with your Dropcam purchase. You’ll have full access to all of those additional paid features, to see if it’s something you want/need.


Based on my online research, those who purchase the cloud storage, typically do the smaller package at $99/yr (50% discount for additional Dropcams that you add). That’s 7 days of stored video. Unless you’re someone who is constantly out of town, this is all you should need. Again, it’s totally optional.

Pretty awesome, huh? We’re having a blast with it. In fact, I’ve been playing freeze dance with the kids from my office! This allows me to get my work done, while also playing with the littles. I love that!


Want to WIN one? The awesome people at Dropcam would like to do a giveaway! One of you will win your very own Dropcam HD for FREE! That’s a $149 value! WOW! Giveaway it open to US residents who are at least 18 years of age.


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Superior Bright X5 All Purpose Flashlight Review + Giveaway

Superior Bright X5 All Purpose Flashlight Review + Giveaway

In the past few years, I’ve really become passionate about making sure my family has what’s needed, should there be an emergency. I’ve been stocking up on personal hygiene products, food (i’m doing a lot of pressure canning), blankets, matches batteries and flashlights. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


When I was given the opportunity to review the Superior Bright X5 All Purpose Flashlight, I couldn’t say no. We can always use an emergency flashlight but this is so much more than the rinky-dink ones you find at your local stores. This is a TRUE emergency flashlight.


Unlike standard flashlights, this bad boy uses LED lights. This provides a much brighter light. I have no worries of tripping over anything, should we be without power. What’s better, is that it also has a hands-free LED sidelight. This is a really nifty feature as it lights up an entire room! Click the “on” button once and you get the regular LED flashlight. Click it again and you get the LED sidelight.


We’ve already gotten use out of it by having family story time. We turned on the LED sidelight and put the flashlight in the center of the room. We didn’t have to hold it which allowed us to be hands-free (perfect for snuggling your little ones).


The Superior Bright X5 All Purpose Flashlight also has a third feature – red flashing emergency lights! This is something that would be incredibly useful if you (heaven forbid) broke down on the side of the road. You’d click the “on” button 3 times to activate this feature. Instantly, your flashlight with start flashing bright red lights from the sidelight. Basically, you’d use it like a road flare – but unlike road flares, this is reusable!


If you’re familiar with Maglights, you know how heavy they are. The Superior Bright X5 All Purpose Flashlight is similar in style but is a fraction of the weight. It’s heavy enough to be sturdy but not so heavy that your arm gets tired holding it.


I’m extremely happy with this product and will be purchasing a few extra’s to have on hand. I’d like to keep one in our car at all times but don’t want to have to drag it back and forth from the car to the house. I have mommy brain and would like forget it in the house (and with my luck, would end up needing it).


Normally, the Superior Bright X5 All Purpose Flashlight retails for $55 (though it’s currently on sale for $25), but we’re giving you the opportunity to WIN ONE, right here on The Daily Goodie Bag! A special thanks to Advanced product Designs for sponsoring this fabulous giveaway!


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Giveaway is open to US residents who are at least 18 years of age. Winner will be randomly drawn and notified via email. Winner has 24 hours to respond back to the email and claim their prize, or another winner will be randomly drawn in their place.

I received this product in order to conduct my review. All opinions stated are that of my own and have in no way been swayed.

Big Night In Instant WIN Game

Big Night In Instant WIN Game

Who’s ready for some awesome prizes? I just won FREE candy with the Big Night In Instant WIN Game! LOTS of people are winning right now! You could win candy (like me) Xbox Live codes, Uno games and more! Pretty cool huh? Here’s how to play!


Via Text Message
1. Text these words: Family Fun
2. To this number: 87654
3. Reply back with your date of birth and then your email address
4. If you win, you’ll get a code and a link to claim your prize


1. Click Here
Enter your information
3. Click the “play now” button


You can play once a day from now through April 16th. Lots of chances to win!

“Frozen” Olaf 3D Night Light Review and Giveaway

“Frozen” Olaf 3D Night Light Review and Giveaway


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If you have little ones who love “Frozen”, they’re gonna flip when they see this “Frozen” Olaf Night Light! Heck, i’m 33 and I think it’s pretty awesome (I’m a big kid though).


Some of you guys may remember the 3D Iron Man Night Light Review & Giveaway that we did back in May 2014. The Olaf 3D Night Light is made by the same company, and is a brand new addition to their already awesome collection. When I saw that they now have an Olaf night light, I HAD to reach out to them again.


I wish i’d taken a photo of it next to one of the kids so you can see how big it is. This isn’t a rinky-dink night light. It’s pretty big! The good news, is that I DID take one of my youngest son when I reviewed the Iron Man nightlight. The Olaf night light is about the same size (click here to see that post).


All of the 3D Light FX night lights are ready to go, right out of the box. All you need is 3 AA batteries. Everything else is included and setup is a breeze! It only take about 3 minutes to go from box to wall.


Step 1: Unscrew the battery cover on the back and insert batteries – replace cover once batteries are in place. Note: I didn’t photograph this step because it’s self explanatory.

Step 2: Unfold the included wall decal, flatten the creases and carefully remove the backing. Place it in the location of your choice. Make sure to hang it high enough that the kids can’t reach it. You don’t want them taking it down and breaking it.

Step 3: Starting at the upper corner, use a credit card (or in my case, a Publix gift card) to gently rub over the decal to apply it to the wall.


Step 4: Slowly peel the decal paper off. You’ll want to start on the upper corner again.

Step 5: Insert the included screws into the screw hole markings on the decal. This insures proper alignment.


Step 6: Hang your 3D Olaf night light on the screws.

Step 7: Admire the awesomeness!


There is a switch on the lower right side of the night light with 3 settings – timer, on and off. I love that there’s a timer on there so you don’t waste the batteries. Just flip the switch as you’re tucking your little one in to bed. It will automatically shut off on it’s own so there’s no risk of waking the littles by going in there to flip the switch to “off”.


The Olaf 3D Light Fx Night Light is available at Target for $39.99! This would make an awesome gift for any Frozen fan!


Bonus: The wonderful people at 3D Light FX have generously agreed to a giveaway for readers of The Daily Goodie Bag! That’s right, you can win your very own Olaf 3D night light! How cool is that?!


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WIN a 40 Pack of Tootsie Roll K-cups

WIN a 40 Pack of Tootsie Roll K-cups

tootsie roll kcups
Oh my gosh! Did ya’ll know these existed?! I sure didn’t! I would love to give them a try (especially the Sugar Babies one). Alas, this is not about me, it’s about YOU guys! That’s right, one of you lucky ducks will win a FREE 40 pack of Tootsie Roll Hot Chocolate K-cups!


My blogger friend, Jodi, just finishing reviewing these. You can read her review here.


Open to the US. Contest ends on 1/17/2015 at midnight EST.


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