Elmo’s World: Summer Vacation DVD – ONLY $3.99!

Elmo’s World: Summer Vacation DVD – ONLY $3.99!

elmos-world Hurry on over and you can get a great deal on Elmo’s World on DVD! Right now it’s just $3.99! Normally it will run you $12.99! My daughter loved Elmo when she was little and I’m sure yours do too! This price could change at any time though so be sure to grab it now while you can!


  1. Head over to the Elmo’s World: Summer Vacation product page HERE
  2. Clip the $2.00 off coupon right below the product description
  3. Add to your cart.
Potty Training? Check Out “Elmo’s Potty Time”…for FREE!!

Potty Training? Check Out “Elmo’s Potty Time”…for FREE!!

Any parents out there trying to potty train?? Sometimes it can be frustrating. We tried with my oldest from the time she showed interest. She would do great for a week and then revert back to diapers. Then one day right before she turned 3, she just decided she was ready and she has been going potty like a big girl ever since, with no accidents.

Fast forward 2 years, we’re now working on potty training my youngest who just turned 3 on Monday. She does well for a day or two then decides she wants to pee on my floor. I’m not giving up though! I know she’s ready, she just has to keep being encouraged. It’s weird….but it’s almost like she has a safety connection with her diapers. She loves her diapers. She doesn’t like them being wet or dirty (lets you know as soon as she’s “filled” them), but she always begs to wear her diaper. But she’s getting to be a big girl, and with that comes obstacles. So tough love is being shown, and we’re not allowing her to wear diapers (unless we go somewhere that isn’t a quick trip).

We had the Elmo’s Potty Time DVD for my oldest, so today I thought I’d bring it out and see if it would help encourage her even more to keep going potty like a big girl. Thing was, I found the case….but not the actual DVD. So I checked Netflix, they had it but not available for instant play. I checked Amazon Prime’s movie selection, since I’m a paying member I get to watch some of their movies for free. But came up empty handed. Then I went to the ol’ faithful Google. I came up with lots of sites that claimed you could watch the entire movie for free, but sadly that wasn’t the case. Some offered downloads, but I don’t trust random online downloads (I do NOT want a virus). Finally, I decided to check youtube. Guess what? I found it!!! The ENTIRE movie is available on youtube to watch!

We watched it twice this afternoon and both girls enjoyed it (even my now 5 year old). Even better? Not ONE accident so far today with my youngest! I believe we’ll be watching this one daily until she gets fully potty trained. It’s such a great & fun video for kids and does a great job of explaining the whole “Going to the Potty” process in a way that can keep young children’s attention.

I figured some of you might be interested in knowing you could watch it online for FREE. If you’d rather buy it, you can get it on Amazon for only $8.95 with FREE Amazon Prime Shipping. It’s definitely worth it!! We’ve also added the video below if you want to watch it here. Has anyone else watched this video with their kids?? Did it help you with your potty training journey?? We’d love to hear your stories!!

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