**Heads Up** Double the Clicks TODAY on Superpoints = Double the Chances to EARN!!

**Heads Up** Double the Clicks TODAY on Superpoints = Double the Chances to EARN!!

For those of you who haven’t heard, your clicks have DOUBLED on Superpoints today! A special promotion going on today only, you’ll have double the chances to win points to use towards prizes like cash and gift cards!!

We LOVE Superpoints because it’s SO easy to earn with them, with very little effort. Not a Superpoints member?? No worries, you can accept this invite to join for FREE today! Read below to see how I go about earning with Superpoints.

I open the Lucky Mail (like the one pictured in this post) and click the link, and then I click on the Super Lucky Button throughout the day while I’m doing normal tasks (blogging, checking email, chatting with friends, etc.). By doing those two things, the little points Iearn here and there add up and allow me to cash in for Paypal Cash or Amazon Cards. There are tons of options for prizes that you can cash in for, but those are my two favorites.

Amazon cards are like FREE spending money for me. I use them to buy gifts, household items, and things that I see and say ‘Oooooh I want that!’. Sometimes I opt for the Paypal Cash and that goes towards everyday items we need (gas, diapers, etc). Regardless of which prize you choose, it’s FREE stuff that doesn’t take too much from you to earn.

Superpoints is an invite-only website, and we have Invites to share (Click here) with those of you who want to get in on the goods!!

Are you a Superpoints Member? What prizes have you gotten? Are you saving up for a bigger prize? Let us know, we’d love to hear your stories!!


Thanks to The Christmas Fairy for the heads up on the Double Clicks!!

**Coupon Code** Hot Sales at Oldnavy.com PLUS an extra 20% OFF!!

**Coupon Code** Hot Sales at Oldnavy.com PLUS an extra 20% OFF!!

I decided to check out some of the sales on Oldnavy.com last night, and boy am I glad I did! Not only do they have tons of clearance and sale items, but they also have a discount code good through the 17th!! Enter code: SPINSAVE1 and get an extra 20% OFF everything!! If you have an Old Navy, Banana Republic, or Gap card – you get 25% OFF!! Awesome right?!

Even better, is that I had some gift cards I had saved from Shopittome, so my entire order was FREE! I was able to get my husband a pair of pants, shorts, shirt, and 2 pairs of flip flops. I also got myself a pair of shorts and a cute tank top. Total before sales? $133.82. Total after sales but before discount code? $87.12. Total after Discount code? $69.69.  And best of all, total out of pocket…………$0.00!! These are great sales on their own and would be a great time to grab some Back to School Clothes.

If you haven’t signed up at Shopittome yet, you are missing out! You can earn FREE Gift Cards to places like Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Macy’s, iTunes and MORE! All you have to do is refer 10 friends and you’ll get a $10 Gift Card each time you do! Your friends never have to buy anything at all. They just create an account. Easy Peasy! This is one of my all time favorite sites!!

Let us know what deals you snag from Old Navy!! Remember – the 20% code ends on 7/17/11. Don’t miss out!


Update: I had typed part of this blog post last night before I actually entered my gift cards. Well, I ran into a problem because Old Navy’s site only allows you to enter 5 forms of payment. I had 7 gift cards – all small amounts of $10 each. So what I did was remove 3 items and ‘save them for later’ and purchase the remaining items in my cart. The other 3 items added up to $20 after the discounts and I could have used my other 2 gift cards for that purchase, right?! Wrong! I forgot that their Free Shipping is only good on orders over $50. So here I was with 3 items my husband wanted and not enough money on the gift cards for shipping.

I decided to wait until this morning to call Old Navy’s customer service to see if they could help me in any way. I normally don’t call places because I don’t like to be difficult. But my husband thought I had ordered all of his items, and I didn’t want to have to tell him I didn’t order it. He was really looking forward to the shorts. So I tried my luck with our cell signal and called. I spoke with the nicest lady ever! She let me go on about my story of what I had ordered and what I tried to do and all of my gift cards, haha! She then told me she couldn’t change the order I already had placed because it was processing, BUT she could place the other order for me and apply the discount code AND waive the shipping!! I was shocked! I really expected them to tell me there was nothing they could do. She took down all the item numbers, both gift card numbers, and placed my order in no time at all. I couldn’t be happier! Honestly the BEST customer service I’ve had with a Large company in a VERY long time! Mad props to Old Navy – you ROCK!

FREE Full Sized Samples for Men and Women PLUS FREE Amazon Gift Cards!

FREE Full Sized Samples for Men and Women PLUS FREE Amazon Gift Cards!

So most of the time, the freebies that are handed out are geared towards women. Don’t get me wrong… as a woman, I LOVE IT! But, we don’t want the men to feel left out! Apparently, neither does Crowdtap!

As i’m sure many of you know (or have seen us post about it), there are several sampling opportunities that come up on there. Basically, you answer a few quick polls so they can determine what your interests are, and if when your answers (and demographics) match an available campaign, you will be invited to apply. Once approved, they ship your freebies to you. All you do in return is tell them what you like and don’t like, about the products they sent.

Plus, just for giving them feedback, you earn money!! That money is paid to you via an Amazon Gift Card, when you cash out. EASY!!! As an added bonus, you’re also helping to raise money for a charity of your choice. It’s really a win/win/win!

Recently, there have been campaigns for FREE Jeans from Old Navy, Free Hawaiian Tropic Lotion, FREE Shorts from Old Navy, Free Accessories from Old Navy and Free dresses from Old Navy. Naturally, you can see why this website ROCKS! Here’s an added bonus. They send freebies for you AND your friends!!! SCORE!!

Men – To get started on crowdtap, sign up here.
Women – To get started on Crowdtap, sign up here.

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