**Reminder** Dr. Oz Giveaways Start TODAY, 12pm EST – 4pm EST!!

**Reminder** Dr. Oz Giveaways Start TODAY, 12pm EST – 4pm EST!!

Reminder, the Dr. Oz Givaways start today!! No really, they actually do haha (some of you might remember that I posted this as starting yesterday and had to update the post. I was a day ahead of myself for some reason). We’ve added the complete list of prizes as well. There are some AWESOME items up for grabs today!!

Dr Oz is giving away 1 Million Dollars in Prizes  TODAY 5/2/12, with the first round beginning at 12pm EST, so be on the page for the prize you want to win a few minutes early (their clocks have been known to be early in the past) and refresh like crazy! There are SEVERAL rounds of giveaways, each hour through 4pm EST. Be sure to let us know if you are a lucky ducky and snag an awesome prize!!

NOTE: Everyone appears to not understand where to go. The links below are for the individual prizes. At the time of the giveaways, go to the prize you want (all of them are listed below) and refresh the page. The form will appear when the giveaway is open (refresh when the clock changes to the giveaway time; example for a giveaway starting at 12pm EST…you would start refreshing at 11:58 or 11:59 – and when it gets slow and it’s 12pm EST on the dot, make sure to wait for the page to load completely. It will take longer for it to load when it’s live.) . So for giveaways starting at 12pm EST, the form wouldn’t appear until 12pm EST. If you wanted the Omega Juicer, you would click on the Omega Juicer link and fill out the form when it appeared and submit. Easy Peasy. It will be the same way for each set of giveaways, each hour. All prizes have their own entry links and are linked below. Good luck!


Check out what you could score for FREE:

Giveaways at 12pm EST:

Giveaways at 1pm EST:

Giveaways at 2pm EST:

Giveaways at 3pm EST:

Giveaways at 4pm EST:

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