It’s Almost Time For The Swag Bag!!

It’s Almost Time For The Swag Bag!!

If you’ve been a fan for a while, you may have noticed our posts about a wickedly awesome Swag Bag (pictured). If you haven’t, that’s ok. Here’s a run down as to why it’s important.
In an effort to help offset the costs of shipping all 15 of the goodie bags from our goodie bag giveaway, we’re seeking donations (in increments of $1 or more). We’re SO grateful for the help, that we’re going to say THANK YOU, by awarding this SWEET gift to 1 random donor. Awesome right?

It’s the least we can do for all of your support. You’re all so amazing and because of you, we’re almost at our goal!

To make a donation, simply click the button below, that says “ChipIn”. That will take you to a secure website, where you can submit your donation.

We’re trying VERY HARD to reach our goal before it’s time to ship the goodie bags out. Think we can do it today?

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