Why I LOVE Colgate Mattress Company!

Why I LOVE Colgate Mattress Company!

Some of you may remember an awesome giveaway we did a few months ago, where we gave away an organic crib mattress and several organic mattress covers (thanks to the wonderful people at Colgate Mattress). Within the giveaway post, I wrote about my wonderful experience with one of their crib mattresses – The Organic Eco Classica. I still stand by my statement that it’s an AMAZING crib mattress. My daughter LOVED it! Notice I used the word loved, as in past tense. Oh it’s not that she stopped loving it, it’s that we had a wee bit of an accident.

Any seasoned parent knows that accidents happen. Things spill, stuff gets broken, and sometimes… just sometimes, your child’s crib mattress ends up in a puddle of mud. As crazy as it sounds, that’s exactly what happened to us recently. See, my daughter had one heck of a diaper explosion during naptime the other day. I won’t go into details but i’m sure you can figure out what i’m getting at.

Anywho.. I took the crib mattress outside to clean it, and left it there for a few hours to air dry. BIG MISTAKE. I learned a valuable lesson. Next time, strap that bad boy down or risk a gust of wind getting under it, knocking it off the porch and causing it to land in a HUGE puddle of mud.

So… for the last few days, baby girl has been sleeping in bed with me. No, scratch that. SHE’S been sleeping, i’ve been getting the bajesus kicked out of me. Who would have thought that a baby could be so rough! I seriously have bruises from her! As much as I love snuggling with my kids, I also love being able to get a good nights rest. Obviously, I had to get a new mattress or deal with getting a foot to the face, for who knows how long to come.

I ended up getting another mattress from Colgate Mattress company but this time, I got the Organic Eco Classica III. It’s just like the other one we had, only this one has an extra feature. It’s dual sided! One side is firmer than the other. The firmer side is made for babies, who need that extra firmness. The other side is made for toddlers. It’s still plenty firm, but not as much so as the other side. It’s really the best of both worlds.

Just like the Eco Classica I, it’s organic, made from high quality foam, and extremely breathable. No plastic coating and no seams!

As much as I love the mattress, it’s doesn’t matter what I think. What matters is how safe it is and how comfortable it is for my little one. There’s nothing that can tear and pose a choking hazard, it has an exceptional safety rating, and she sleeps sooo soundly. I actually put her in there today, while I went to get a clean crib sheet. By the time I went back in there (literally 3 minutes later), she was conked out. At that point, I didn’t want to wake her. We moms get very few moments of silence. I had to take it while I could get it, ya know?! LOL

Oh.. speaking of Colgate Mattress company… I learned something about them that really put them over the top in my book. Not only do they offer quality products, they participate in the First Candle program! For those not familiar with First Candle, listen up. It’s an AMAZING program who’s sole foundation, is to help educate the public about SIDS safety and prevention.

I first learned about First Candle a few years ago when I was on WIC. I was at my local WIC office and happened to ask if they knew of a place where I could get a play pen. I already had 4 children and thought we were done. I had JUST given EVERYTHING away when I found out I was pregnant. Money was extremely tight (hubby had been laid off) and we couldn’t afford to buy a crib or playpen. To my surprise, the WIC lady told me about First Candle. Apparently, in addition to them educating parents on risks and safety, they also help low income families stay safe.

They provided me with a playpen, a fitted sheet for it, and several pacifiers. It’s all part of their campaign to teach moms and dads to lay babies on their backs to reduce the risks of sudden infant death syndrome.

I don’t know what we would have done if it weren’t for WIC and First Candle. So, when I found out that Colgate Mattress participates in this program, I was blown away. I actually had the privilege of speaking  with Brent; one of the owners of Colgate Mattress company. He’s such a nice person. We chatted about First Candle and how they became involved with the organization. I learned that they actually helped get First Candle off the ground (HOW COOL) and that they donate a lot of products to the campaign (SO AWESOME)!

I’m just so blown away by Colgate. I can’t help but say amazing things about them. Trust me when I say that they truly care. Here’s a little fun fact for you to show you just how much they care.. During our conversation, Brent mentioned how a customer asked about a removable and washable cover (no not the kind you buy to take on and off – completely different). Get this.. not only did they listen to the feedback, they’re currently working on making it! How many companies do YOU know of that actually go out of their way to do what someone asks?

If you’re currently expecting, know someone who is, or just happen to be in the market for quality baby products, check out Colgate Mattress company. You’ll be glad you did. I sure am!

Winners Announced – Eco Classica Crib Mattress and Matress Pad (11 Winners)!

Winners Announced – Eco Classica Crib Mattress and Matress Pad (11 Winners)!

If you’re half as excited as I am, then you’ve been anxiously awaiting the unveiling of our 11 winners! The Eco Classica giveaway (click here for the giveaway – now closed) was a big success, with over 1100 entries! Well done, everyone!

Before we announce the winners, i’d like to again thank the wonderful people at Colgate Kids, for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway. Without their kindness and generosity, this wouldn’t have been possible. It would be great if you’d take a moment to post on their Facebook page, to thank them for sponsoring the giveaway on The Daily Goodie Bag.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The announcement of the winners. Here we go!

The following users have won a second place prize of a FREE Organic Bamboo Yarn Crib Mattress Cover/Pad:
(names listed are how they appear on the entry form)

  • Patricia Keenan
  • Jen Hollars
  • Rae Henderson
  • Patricia Lamagno
  • Britney Jean Hedrick
  • Isabella Tully
  • Sandra
  • Danielle T
  • Tammie Clayton Allred

…and the Grand Prize winner of a FREE Eco Classica Organic Crib Mattress:

  • Naomi Parks

Congrats to ALL 11 winners!! You will be receiving an email from us, shortly. Please make sure you respond to our email within 48 hours. If we do not get a response within 48 hours, we’ll have to select a new winner in your place.

Another HUGE thank you to the kind people at Colgate Kids – who are also sponsoring us for Blogher ’12 (click here to read all about it)! They’re amazing people with amazing products!

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