**FREE** $10 Credit at Twice!! (Limited Time Offer)

**FREE** $10 Credit at Twice!! (Limited Time Offer)

There’s a new site that’s offering $10 FREE Credit for a limited time! They have tons of cute clothes!! Items starting at as low as $6.00!! Casual items, dressy items, work-wear, and so much more!! What makes this deal even better is you can apply your credit towards shipping too!!

Head over and join to grab your FREE $10 Credit from Twice while you can!! Not needing clothes right now? You could consider getting something to donate to someone in need or use your credit to purchase something as a gift for someone you love! Free Credit offers are great for stashing back gifts for Christmas or Birthdays. What will you spend your credit on??


Thanks to The Christmas Fairy for the heads up!

FREE Full Sized Samples for Men and Women PLUS FREE Amazon Gift Cards!

FREE Full Sized Samples for Men and Women PLUS FREE Amazon Gift Cards!

So most of the time, the freebies that are handed out are geared towards women. Don’t get me wrong… as a woman, I LOVE IT! But, we don’t want the men to feel left out! Apparently, neither does Crowdtap!

As i’m sure many of you know (or have seen us post about it), there are several sampling opportunities that come up on there. Basically, you answer a few quick polls so they can determine what your interests are, and if when your answers (and demographics) match an available campaign, you will be invited to apply. Once approved, they ship your freebies to you. All you do in return is tell them what you like and don’t like, about the products they sent.

Plus, just for giving them feedback, you earn money!! That money is paid to you via an Amazon Gift Card, when you cash out. EASY!!! As an added bonus, you’re also helping to raise money for a charity of your choice. It’s really a win/win/win!

Recently, there have been campaigns for FREE Jeans from Old Navy, Free Hawaiian Tropic Lotion, FREE Shorts from Old Navy, Free Accessories from Old Navy and Free dresses from Old Navy. Naturally, you can see why this website ROCKS! Here’s an added bonus. They send freebies for you AND your friends!!! SCORE!!

Men – To get started on crowdtap, sign up here.
Women – To get started on Crowdtap, sign up here.

**FREE** Box of Newborn Clothes on ThredUP including Shipping!!!!

**FREE** Box of Newborn Clothes on ThredUP including Shipping!!!!

ThredUP is an awesome service which is FREE to join! It’s a clothing/toy swapping network with Members who want to buy/sell their gently used items. Our friend at The Christmas Fairy uses this site all the time. She’s gotten tons of things for little money out of pocket. New members get their first box FREE! You just pay shipping! Once you sign up, you select a box you want. People post boxes and list the items included and sizes and you ‘shop’ based on your preferences and needs. Plus it’s a great way for you to get rid of items you have laying around or in storage that you no longer need! Plus you don’t have to pay to ship the box you send, as the member who buys that box pays for the shipping. Are you a military family? You get added bonuses! You get 1 extra pick item a month, plus other members can donate boxes to you! Awesome right?! Click Here to join and get your FREE box now! Let us know if you have had any experience with thredUP!

Awesome Deal:

If all that wasn’t AWESOME enough – they have something else special going on!! You can get a box including shipping FREE if it’s one that has a pacifier symbol (meaning newborn) on it. The only catch is that you have to send it to a Mom that is not currently on ThredUP using a different email address. It will only take $2.95 of your credits!!!

So here’s what you do:

1) Sign up or Login
2) Find a box with a pacifier symbol on it that you want
3) Select the ‘Send to New Mom’ Option
4) Put the ‘Send to’ info in – can be to anyone you want as long as they aren’t a member of ThredUP
5) Click ‘Proceed’
6) Review the info and proceed to the payment option
7) It will take $2.95 of your credit (If you are a new member you have $5.00 in credit already) and you just Checkout! Note: if you have spent your $5 in credit – you will need to enter payment info.

Thanks again to The Christmas Fairy for the heads up on this one!


Here’s a pic from a box of clothes that The Christmas Fairy got!! Nice new stuff! Thanks TCF for sharing the pic with us!





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