**Coupon** $1.00 OFF Clorox Cleaners/Wipes = Clorox To Go Packs for $0.42 Each!!

**Coupon** $1.00 OFF Clorox Cleaners/Wipes = Clorox To Go Packs for $0.42 Each!!

There’s a good deal on Clorox Disinfecting Wipes To Go Packs when you combine them with this coupon!! Head over and print your coupon for $1.00 OFF (2) Clorox Cleaners or Wipes, while it’s still available!! Be sure to come back to this post to print your coupon again as well!! (Print limit twice per computer.)

Take this coupon with you to Walmart and you can score 2 Packs of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes To Go for less than $1.00!! Most Walmart Locations have these priced at $0.92 each in their Travel Section (trial sized items, sometimes located near the medicines or pharmacy) as well as on some Register Aisles. Your total will be $0.84 for 2 To Go Packs (that’s $0.42 each) after your coupon!!

Keep in mind Walmart may not be the only store where you can snag this deal. Word is you can get this deal at Kroger for 7 cents more.

There have been many times while I’ve been out and about (especially on this trip) where I could have really benefited from having some disinfecting wipes on hand. With 2 toddlers, they are always touching things that I sometimes wish they would leave alone.

For example, we’ve had a few hotel stays on our roadtrip. One of which was less than sanitary. Even the cleanest of rooms, I always think “Hmmm, wonder who’s touched that or what has been spilled on this”. My girls are constantly rubbing their eyes or putting their hands in their mouths making silly faces. Then you have eating out on roadtrips. It never fails that one of my girls will manage to drop some food on the table and immediately grab it and eat it. Disinfecting wipes come in handy for wiping tables and other items clean and giving you a little piece of mind. The To-Go packs are even better because they can easily be stuck in a purse, diaper bag, glove compartment, etc and not take up much room.

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