Why I will NEVER Again Recommend Petbrosia.com

Why I will NEVER Again Recommend Petbrosia.com


On December 11th, I posted about a pet food company (Petbrosia.com) that was offering users a FREE 10lb box of dog food. To claim this offer, you had to use my personal referral link – only current customers are able to give out FREE boxes of dog food. New users get a FREE box of food and current customers (such as myself) earn “paw points” for each person they refer that makes a purchase. Pretty simple concept right? I thought so too – but I was WRONG! Never once did I think that this would turn into such a headache. Bear with me as this is going to be a long post but it’s important that you guys know why I will NEVER again recommend Petbrosia.com.


I’ll start from the beginning…


I received an email from Dogster – a website I’m a member of, for a FREE box of dog food from Petbrosia. In that email was a coupon code that I was to use to claim my FREE box. When I attempted to do so, it didn’t work. It kept giving me an error that said “invalid amount”. So, I reached out to Petbrosia on Facebook to ask for assistance. I also mentioned to them that I wanted to post about the FREE box for my readers, but I can’t do that if the code wasn’t working (see below):


As you can see, I was initially told that they didn’t want me to post about that particular coupon code but they would create a 50% OFF coupon code for all of my readers. I was bummed out but I figured that 50% OFF is better than full price, so I was planning on posting that for you guys… until I noticed that they had a referral program which would give you guys a FREE box of dog food. That’s a much better deal than 50% OFF. So, I mentioned that the to the rep and was given the go-ahead to post my referral link:


After posting, many of you had trouble claiming your free box. I spent 8 hours trying to help those of you who were having trouble, going back and forth with the rep, on what may have been causing the issue.


During that time, I realized that mobile users were unable to use the coupon code (which is something they were aware of but failed to tell me) – but the issue wasn’t just with mobile users. Many of you were having trouble and you were using a computer.



I even sent screen caps that you guys had sent me, so they could see that it wasn’t just mobile users having issues. I was determined to help you guys as much as I possibly could.


At the same time, I was also discussing the lack of “paw points” in my account, as some of you were successful in claiming your FREE box. I should have been receiving points for each order that was placed but in addition to the coupon code being wonky, the referral points weren’t working properly either. The rep ended up going in to my account and manually entering points for 19 successful coupon code redemption’s.


Petbrosia told me that they weren’t sure what was causing the issue, but they know that email invites work properly (as opposed to using my referral link). So, I set up a form for you guys so you could send your email addresses to me. I then manually entered all of the email addresses that were submitted. It took quite a while as you can only enter one at a time and there were a couple hundred of them.


Here’s where things really started to hit the fan… When I reached out to the rep (again) to give them an update (many users still having trouble and once again I don’t have “paw points” coming in), the rep started making excuses and pointing fingers of blame:


After that, I was incredibly frustrated and slightly offended so I didn’t reply back. Not until 3 days later when, I still had no new “paw points” from referring members via email invite – the method that the Petbrosia rep said would work. Things only got worse from there. Petbrosia decided to end the referral program, though they never said a word to me until I asked why I still don’t have points from sending the email invites. The invites they claimed would work fine.


Not only were they ending the referral program and didn’t tell me, but they refused to give me the points that I earned from those who were able to claim their FREE box. I know several of you were able to get it (even though many of you were still having trouble). I can understand them wanting to end the program, but they should have provided me with the points that I earned up until that decision was made and I was notified – but of course, that would mean no more FREE advertising for them.


It’s bad enough that they were stiff-arming me on the points that I rightfully earned (and worked very hard to get) but after seeing what they posted on their Facebook page – I was furious!


Someone posted on their Facebook wall, asking why the code wasn’t working. They had the audacity to tell them that we were scamming them?! Excuse me?! THAT is where I draw the line! I did NO such thing! I followed their rules. I spent countless hours going back and forth with them as well as you guys, trying to figure out what the issue it. THEY robbed me of the points I rightfully earned and then had the nerve to call me a scammer?!


But wait! There’s more!


After I read that, I was furious! I held my tongue though. I wanted to calm down before posting about this whole ordeal, so I could think with a level head. I also wanted to wait until the 20 pound box of dog food had shipped, so they couldn’t stiff me out of that as well (btw…my dogs won’t even touch the food so I can’t even use it).


Flash forward to today (12/19). I checked the tracking info on the dog food and it’s set to be delivered tomorrow. So, I picked up the phone and called Petbrosia. I wanted to cancel my account with them. For one, my dogs won’t eat the food so why would I continue to stay a member? It’s expensive yet worthless. However, even if my dogs had loved it, I would have cancelled anyway – due to their disgusting and unethical business practices. Everything from stiffing me on the points I earned, to telling people I am a scammer. I want NO part of that!


Oh, but it couldn’t be that easy. You see, in order to cancel, you have to call them. No biggie, but what they DON’T tell you, is that they will NOT cancel your subscription/auto-renewal until your dog has been on the food for at least 15 days (but you also have to cancel at least a week before your next shipment is set to go out). The woman I spoke with (Angel) claims that’s to allow time for your dog to transition from their old food, to the new food. Yes, she actually said that they won’t cancel my account until my dogs have had time to try it out for a while.


Regardless what their attempted reasoning is, if someone wants to cancel, you cancel it! Period! My dogs won’t even eat their crap food and yet they won’t let me cancel?! I’m no lawyer but that doesn’t seem legal to me. There’s no contract that locks you in to making future purchases so this is ridiculous!


BUYER BEWARE! THIS is why I will never again recommend Petbrosia.com

CenturyLink Horrible Customer Service

CenturyLink Horrible Customer Service

centurylink-sucksWondering where I’ve been lately? Ask CenturyLink – who once again… FAILED! After 18 hours of NO internet and an EXTREMELY late tech (who spent more time chatting on his personal phone about partying after work), our internet went out AGAIN! Yes, after only 4 hours of service being restored.

I’m going to layout a timeline of events, and then close with the nightmare of a “supervisor” that I just dealt with. Please bear with me as this is going to be a LONG post.


CenturyLink Horrible Customer Service


March 2012: I called CenturyLink to set up service. I explained to the woman on the phone that I run a business from home and need the biggest package they have. She stated that wouldn’t be an issue. I would be receiving 20MBPS – and scheduled a tech to come set everything up.

A few days later, the tech guy arrived, setup the internet and THEN informed me that it’s only 4MBPS as they don’t offer 20MBPS where I live. This is after I agreed to 20MBPS (and a credit check). At this point, I called their customer service number and was informed that they don’t even offer 20MBPS (even though it states the opposite on their website). I did, however, get them to drop the cost of the package since they were still charging me for 20MBPS but only providing 4MBPS.

Over the last year, there have been issues here and there, nothing really worth going into detail about, as it was eventually handled. That is… until a few days ago (4/11/13).


April 11th 2013: At 8:42pm, my internet went out. I gave it about 30 minutes (to see if it would come back on) and then called tech support. The woman I spoke with was very friendly and did her best to try and resolve the issue. Unfortunately, nothing we tried was working. So, she scheduled a technician to come here the following day between 8am-Noon.


April 12th 2013 (12pm): Noon came and went and the technician was nowhere to be found. I received NO phone call to inform me that he was running late. A few minutes before 3pm, he finally arrived. He had his personal phone on him, which he used to talk to his friends about partying after work. All he did while he was here, was plug in a new modem/router, said it should work now, and left. For the first 4hrs and 45min – it DID work.

When he left, I called about getting a credit for the downtime. I lost out on a lot of income due to the downtime (not to mention their late and unprofessional technician). All they would offer was a $1.32 credit. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere with this guy, so I left it at that and hung up.


April 12th 2013 (7:45pm): Internet dropped again. I waited 30 minutes to see if it was a fluke and still, no service. So, once again I called tech support. The gentleman I spoke with was kind, compassionate and understanding. He not only understood why I was upset, but when I explained the unprofessionalism of the technician – informed me that this wasn’t that tech’s first offense (ugh.. lovely).

He tried trouble-shooting the lack of internet but he too was unsuccessful. So once again, another technician needed to be sent here to see what the problem is. He informed me that had the technician solved the issue the first time, we wouldn’t need to do this. He apologized profusely.

I explained to him everything we’d been through so far and how the last gentleman I spoke to, only offered $1.32 credit. He agreed that THAT is a slap in the face. With everything that had transpired thus far, they should have done more. I explained to him that I would like a credit for the full month. I think it’s the least they can do when i’ve already been unable to work for 19 hours at that point, and it would be another 20 before it was restored. He said he would be happy to do that for me, however, he didn’t have the power to do so. The system was only allowing him to enter a $20 credit. He told me to call customer service in the morning (that he’d noted EVERYTHING on my account), ask for a supervisor, and that THEY would have the power to do that for me.


April 13th 2013 (10am): I called CenturyLink (AGAIN) and connected to the customer service department. I immediately asked for a supervisor – and was transferred. The supervisor I spoke to (Sam – ID# 62477) was the most unbelievably rude, condescending, arrogant person I have EVER dealt with in my life. I had to explain (again) everything that had transpired (loss of income, rude/unprofessional workers, how i’m STILL without service, etc) and that i’d like to be credited for the month. I feel it’s the least they can do with all that’s happened (and the amount of income that’s been lost).

He told me that he has the power to do that at his discretion, but he doesn’t think it’s warranted and won’t be crediting me. He went on to say that he could credit me $1000 if he wanted to but he isn’t obligated to and that he won’t be crediting anything. He said that he isn’t obligated to do ANYTHING, because I have a residential account and not a business account.

Remember earlier in this post when I mentioned what happened when I signed up? How I TOLD THEM that I run a home based business? I was never informed that there was even an option of a business account, so how was I to know that such a thing existed? I’ve never been a CenturyLink user before March 2012. I have never been an employee of theirs. So how on earth would I know what additional services they offered, if their sales department never mentioned them?


When I brought that to his attention, he said “that’s irrelevant”. The fact is, I don’t have a business account and so they aren’t obligated to do anything for me. He kept talking in circles (many times, talking over me). There were COUNTLESS times that he reminded me of the fact that he could credit me, but he won’t.

He actually had the audacity to ask me if I wanted to upgrade to a business account. Why on Earth would I want to pay MORE, when you aren’t wiling to assist me? Had he said “I apologize for all of the trouble. I’m going to go ahead and issue you the credit as a one time deal, but I highly suggest upgrading”… I would have done so! But no, he pretty much told me to go “F” myself (without actually using those words).

I threatened to cancel and he didn’t flinch. He was happy to assist me with that and was ready to lose a customer. All of this over a $50 credit – which is the LEAST they could after all of this. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request.


At this point, I was visibly angry. My tone was not of a pleasant nature and I felt my body tensing. I had to pass the phone to my husband in hopes of him being able to talk some sense into this man. I watched as the Supervisor spoke over him (again, and again, and again). Four times my husband tried to ask a question and 4 times, the man interrupted him. Finally, my husband told him to just stop talking and start listening.

My husband said the following “What i’d like to know, is why your sales woman never mentioned a business account option, when we stressed to her that we need the internet for our home based business”. He REFUSED to answer the question. He kept repeating “im sorry sir” (in a very snarky tone) – to which my husband replied with “no sir, you aren’t sorry. If you were, you would do what you could to rectify this situation, to keep us as happy customers”.


This phone call lasted an hour and a half. In that time, it was made clear that we are NOT valued as customers and that the Supervisor we spoke with is on a power trip. We did find out 2 important pieces of information though.

1. The tech we are currently waiting on right now… is the SAME ONE they sent yesterday. That’s the tech that did NOT fix the issue and was preoccupied with his after work partying plans. Who, by the way, has been informed that we filed a complaint against him. Who knows if this man will be angry with us or how he’ll react when/if he arrives.

2. The woman we spoke with when we initially signed up with them, supposedly never put any notes on the account that we were going to be using the internet for business purposes – so we wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if this went to civil court. That it doesn’t matter what we “claim” we told her – it’s our word against theirs. For the record, we never mentioned anything about taking them to court (nor had that crossed our minds). He brought that tidbit into the conversation.


By some miracle, my internet popped back on out of nowhere. I’m almost certain that it will go back out again so I wanted to use this time to share where i’ve been and why i’ve been missing.


This is the point of my post, where I put “to be continued…”, as we’re currently waiting for that same tech to show up. We don’t know what’s going to happen (or if he’ll even show up). I will certainly update all of you with what happens. The other thing I can promise all of you, is the same thing that I promised Sam (the supervisor)… this isn’t over! We WILL be speaking with Corporate about this issue and if need be, will be filing with the BBB, Attorney General, and FTC.


April 13th 2013 (2:55pm): I sent an email to 5 people in the corporate office – linking them to this blog post and expressing my concerns. At 3:44pm, I had a reply from one of them. Mrs. Debra Peterson. She seemed to want to help and asked for my account number and phone number. She said she would be reaching out to my local offices out here. Unfortunately, before the conversation could continue, the internet went out again.


April 13th 2013 (4:08pm): Internet went out again. I was unable to continue conversing with Miss Peterson, so I called her and left a voicemail. I’m sure she won’t receive it until 3/15/13 but I wanted her to be up to date on what’s taking place.


April 13th 2013 (5pm): The technician never showed up and once again, no phone call. I called CenturyLink again, to find out why the tech is (AGAIN) not here. The first gentleman I spoke with, says he shows that the work order was bumped back to 7pm (not 3-5pm as initially stated). At this point, I asked to speak to a supervisor.

I was transferred to a man named Jeff. I explained everything that had gone on up until this point (including the extremely rude supervisor). He asked me “by chance, was his name Sam”? I said yes and asked if he wanted Sam’s employee ID number. He informed me that he didn’t need it as he can see the notes on my account – and the ones from Sam are “quite smarmy”. He could actually read the rudeness in the previous supervisors notes!

I told him that all I was asking for, was a 1 month credit. That I feel it’s the LEAST they can do after all that i’ve had to deal with, and he agreed. He said he can certainly do that for me. He also dug around to find out why my tech didn’t arrive. Turns out, technicians are only allowed to work until 5:30pm in my area. Anything past that is considered overtime and where i’m located, they don’t allow that. HOWEVER, he also shows the following on the account “technician rescheduled until Monday per customers request”. Say what now? Clearly, we NEVER requested such a thing. I need the internet working immediately!

He tried checking to see who it was that added that to the account but he was unable to determine if the tech was lazy and called in to claim we wanted to reschedule (so he didn’t have to come here), or, if it was Sam (the arrogant and rude supervisor). Either way, that info was WRONG!

He tried so hard to get after hours approval, to send out a tech (due to our extenuating circumstances). Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful in reaching anyone. He said he’ll be back in the office on Monday at 10am and that he would be calling me to get someone out here as a priority call. As of now, I have no idea what time someone is supposed to arrive Monday (if they show at all that is).


April 14th 2013 (12:23pm): Internet popped on again out of nowhere. I’m (once again) using this brief time to update you guys on what’s been happening. I will certainly fill you in as often as I can. At this point, it will be a couple of days i’m sure.

Sidenote…. My 4 year old and 5 year old were completely devastated when we didn’t go to the Children’s Museum on Saturday 4/13/13. We had made plans to take them, but with the tech not fixing our internet issue the first time, and not showing up at ALL the following day (the day of the museum), we weren’t able to take them. Do you have ANY idea how that made me feel?

Once again…. To Be Continued…..




April 14th 2013 (2:55pm): Internet had not yet gone back out at this point, so I used that time to send a mass email to 5 different people in their corporate office (which included a link to this post). I honestly didn’t expect a reply until Monday at the earliest, as it was a Saturday. To my surprise, I quickly received a response from Debra Peterson in corporate. We exchanged a couple of emails before my internet went out again. When that happened, I called her office and left her a voicemail, letting her know that my internet went out again and I was unable to respond to her. I asked her to please return my call when she received my message.


April 15th 2013 (10:35am): Still no internet so I called CenturyLink for an update. They were supposed to be sending a technician out with our issue taking top priority. After being stood up Saturday, it’s the least they could do.

I connected with the Customer Service department and asked for a supervisor. I was trying to reach Jeff (the helpful Supervisor from Saturday).The customer service rep, transferred me to a woman named Patricia, in the Escalation department. Patricia informed me that she cannot track down Jeff as they are not in the same call center (and use different systems). Even with me having his employee ID, there was nothing she could do to find him, but she offered to assist me.

She wasn’t able to address any of my concerns with the technician not showing, my lack of internet, OR, tracking down Jeff. She was, however, able to do something about Sam (the incredible rude, arrogant and condescending Supervisor from Saturday morning). She said she will be contacting his direct supervisor, and requesting that he be re-trained (she called it “coaching”). Whether or not they actually do that, is beyond me.


April 15th 2013 (11am): I was transferred over to the tech department to see why my ticket still hadn’t been worked, and why the technician never showed on Saturday. She could see that the ticket was still listed as open but not yet started. She placed me on hold to speak to a supervisor about getting a different technician out here. When she returned, she said that they can certainly get a different technician assigned to the ticket but he wouldn’t be able to make it the same day. So, I could stick with the same technician who didn’t show, or push back the date of repair. I opted to just have the same guy come out here, as I needed the internet back on ASAP. I did find out that his name is Erin Harlow and he only had 4 tickets for the entire day. There was NO reason for him to not arrive as scheduled, especially with this being a priority.


April 15th 2013 (4:25pm): I called to see where the technician was as I have been informed numerous times throughout this process, that technicians do not work past 5:00-5:30 in our area. I was connected with a man named Jerry. Jerry pulled up my account and said that he see’s the ticket in queue – that it shows him on site. In other words, the technician updated the ticket with falsities. He was nowhere in sight. He never showed. BUT, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. We figured it was possible that he was at the local hub out here and would be at my house shortly.


April 15th 2013 (5pm): NO SHOW! The technician did NOT come, for a second time! I waited about 45 minutes, just in case there was a fluke of some kind. Sadly, there was no fluke. Erin Harlow did not do his job – twice now!


April 15th 2013 (5:43pm): Called tech support again to find out why I keep being stood up and nothing is being done to rectify the situation. Clearly I am NOT a priority. The call was received by a man named Brian, who said he shows that the tech “repaired the cable line” on Friday (the day he actually showed but was only here for 20 minutes while talking on his personal cell phone). He also shows that the current work order is still listed as open and “in queue” but he agreed that at this point, the tech wasn’t going to show. He asked that I please hold while he reached out to a supervisor about this. When he returned, he stated that his supervisor was emailing the local field tech supervisor for my area, to see that this gets resolved right away. I should get a call from the local field tech supervisor, first thing in the morning. At this point it’s (once again) after hours, so there wasn’t much more that could be done.


April 16th 2013 (10:22am): I called one of the local offices out here, to see if there was anything they could do. The man who answered, said “we don’t handle missing tech’s” and transferred me to Repair.


April 16th (10:26am): The transferred call was answered by a woman named Ashley – who transferred me to a woman named Catassia. She pulled up my account, could see the ticket shows open and being worked (which we all know at this point is simply untrue). She asked me to please hold while she got a hold of dispatch. She’s not showing any information about the current work order, other than “open”.

Dispatch gave Catassia a direct number to the field tech supervisor. She asked me to please hold again, while she called him. Sadly, the call dropped while I was on hold. Minutes later, though, I received a call from a man named Wayne. He said he’s one of the local field tech supervisors and wants to get to the bottom of this.

He first wanted to address the issue of the technician not showing (as well as the one time he did show – while he was on his phone). We discussed that briefly and he apologized numerous times. He said that he wants to fix this and can have someone out here whenever I want. I replied with “as soon as possible please”.

At that point, I was informed that a man named Mike would be coming here and would get this all under control. He said he could be here within the hour, however Mike called me and asked to push it back until 1pm as he had a dentist appointment. I’m guessing it was his day off and he was taking the call as a courtesy.


April 16th (1:09pm): Mike arrived and was very kind. He was professional, well spoken and interested in getting this resolved. It would figure that moments before he arrived, the internet popped back on. This made it harder for him to figure out why we were having trouble as the line was working at that time.

He came up with a plausible assumption. It appears that we were running at 97% capacity for our allotted speed. He said it’s possible that we were maxing out and thus, the system was sending error messages which caused us to lose access. He tested the line outside and that was working properly. He dropped us to 3MBPS, which put us at 80% capacity. That gives the system a little wiggle room so this should not happen again.

He left us his phone number, so we could reach out to him personally – should there be any other issues. I do want to mention (yet again) that he (as well as his supervisor) we both especially helpful and friendly.

So here we are… FINALLY back online. I’ve missed a LOT of work, am probably going grey after all the stress of this, but at least it’s all fixed…… for now.


This whole ordeal made me realize just how unorganized CenturyLink is. What one worker can see, will vary from what others can see. That’s extremely frustrating when you’re trying to get to the bottom of an issue. My biggest issues with this situation, are the way that Sam treated me, and the technician not showing on TWO occasions. If it were up to be, BOTH of them would be fired! Clearly they do not value their jobs. With the economy being what it is, there are numerous people who are unemployed, but would happily take their places.



April 17th 2013 (1:10pm): Internet went out again! Un-freakin-believable! It was “fixed” 24 hours ago but I had not used it until I updated this blog post. Coincidentally, shortly after doing so, my internet went out. So, I was able to use it for all of an hour. I tried doing all the typical things that phone support would tell us (unplugging it, rebooting it, resetting it) and it’s still not working.


1:19pm: – Called the tech who came out yesterday (Mike), to let him know the internet is out again. Told him we tried rebooting the
modem and it’s still not working. He said he’ll be here in an hour.


1:29pm: – Called the CenturyLink 800 number to inform them of what’s going on. Spoke with a woman named Eloise (who has NO
bedside manor at all). I explained I do NOT need a tech sent as one is on the way, but I did want them to note all of this
on my account. She claims she added the info I provided, into the notes on my account. I want a detailed record of
everything that’s been transpiring. I am so far beyond fed up, that it would take a time machine to get me back to that
point. This is completely unacceptable!!


2pm: – Mike arrived and tested our line. He’s getting NOTHING coming through. He said he was going to the hub to change out
the equipment over there and he would be back within the hour.


3:16pm: Mike returned from the hub. He tested at the hub and everything was working fine. Next he did a backwards test from hub to house and it was “all kinds of messed up”. So, he checked the line. About a mile down the road was a cable that was corroded so bad that water must have gotten inside of the box and it needed to be replaced. He replaced the entire section of cable and i’m finally back online. Mike said that we should no longer have any problems. I am praying that this is the end of my CenturyLink nightmare!


While all this was going on today, I texted the realtor we’re working with (we’ve moving next year from VA to GA) to see what internet service providers are out there. Great news – NO CenturyLink. Thank heaven. Once we move, we are DONE with this company.


For the record though, this tech that came here the past 2 days…. he’s one heck of a worker. It’s clear that he takes pride in his work and should be commended for being so helpful and kind. It’s because of him (and his supervisor) that i’m finally back online.


If you’ve used CenturyLink, I encourage you to leave your feedback below. Corporate is aware of this post, and should be given the chance to see just how many of you have had trouble.

FAKE Freebie Alert!

FAKE Freebie Alert!

Warning – FAKE Freebie alert! There’s another fake freebie that’s floating around. It’s for a FREE Lobster oven mit. The company responsible, Prestos Pizza, NEVER sends the freebies that they offer. Not one single person has ever received any of the free items they’ve offered.

In the past, they’ve offered items such as a FREE apron, FREE pizza cutter, FREE cleaning wipes and now, a FREE lobster oven mit. They’ve been doing this for at least a year now. Please beware!

Soylicious.com Scam? You decide!

Soylicious.com Scam? You decide!

Soylicious.com Scam? You decide! A few days ago, I wrote a product review about the Soylicious.com melter gems. Click here to read it. I was so blown away by these melter gems, that I decided to do something I NEVER do. I decided to sign up as a consultant. I can honestly tell you, that I regret that decision. In the 24 hours that I was signed up, I had tons of problems and witnessed completely shady activity.

My husband has already blogged about this situation. He explained things so well, that I feel I couldn’t possibly say it better. So instead, here’s a link to his blog post. PLEASE give it a read. The whole point of us sharing this information, is to (hopefully) protect you. I couldn’t live with myself if I knew about wrongdoing and allowed you guys to be taken in too. Please use caution when dealing with this company.

Please note: The review I did, does include a giveaway (sponsored by a friend of mine). I welcome you to enter the giveaway itself, but you may want to think twice before placing an order with them (or considering signing up as a consultant).

——-> Hubby’s Soylicious.com Blog Post <——-

Buyer Beware: Newport-News.com Scam

Buyer Beware: Newport-News.com Scam

For those of you who’ve ever considered purchasing from Newport-News.com, you may want to reconsider. Ultimately, the decision is yours, but after reading about my experience (and as it turns out, the experience of others), you may want to think twice before spending a dime.

On March 2nd 2012, I placed an order on their website for a shrug/bolero. I was very happy about the sale price and couldn’t wait to receive my order. I waited and waited and each time the mail came it was a big let down. I waited two weeks before calling them to inquire as to the whereabouts of my order.

When I called, I was told that my order was being shipped out that day and I should have it soon. I thanked the customer service rep and went on with my life. A week passed, another week passed – still no sign of my order. I had actually forgotten about it as i’ve had a lot going on. It wasn’t until I received an email on April 3rd (a MONTH later), that said “Your Newport News Shipping Confirmation”, that I realized just how long it had been. (Click the screen cap to the right to enlarge it – notice the order date and “shipping” date)

I was already disappointed at this point as i’d been waiting a month AND had been lied to. But, I did have that shipping confirmation so at this point, all I could do was wait (even longer) for my order to arrive. So once again, I waited (and waited and waited and waited).

Here it is, April 19th 2012 and still, nothing has arrived. I feel i’ve been patient enough so I called them AGAIN to inquire about my order. This is where it gets interesting. The woman on the phone (who I believe is actually the same woman I spoke to last month), informed me that she see’s I was charged and that my account says the order was shipped, HOWEVER, that’s not the case. She claims they ran out of stock on the bolero and that all she can do is refund my money. Personally, I think they should go above and beyond to make this right. You had me wait 6 weeks for an order that wasn’t coming. Who KNOWS how long it would have been had I just kept waiting.

Anywho, back to the refund. I explained to her that I no longer have the bank account, associated with the debit card that I used to place the order. In other words, that account no longer exists. She then tells me that she can’t do anything about it. All they can do is issue a refund to the card in which the order was placed. So I said “you do understand that this account no longer exists, correct? You can’t put money into an account that doesn’t exist”. She responded by telling me that there’s nothing she can do, that I have to take that up with the bank (which I no longer use – we switched banks) and that she’s processing the refund.

I’ve worked in customer service. I know what they can and cannot do. I also know the steps that should have been taken. She did nothing to remotely fix this issue. She could have offered me store credit or a gift card. At the very least, they could have issued a check. As it stands, I paid money for an item I did not receive (and will NOT be receiving), and will likely NOT get the money that they claim to be refunding.

After speaking with another blogger friend of mine, it turns out that several other customers have had shipping issues (AND refund issues) with Newport-News.com. I’m not alone in this. I wish I could say it’s just me that got taken, but it appears that many others have too.

Here’s a link to Consumeraffairs.com – in regards to Newport-News.com. Not only are others having the same issue, but it appears that Newport-News.com has filed for bankruptcy (and are STILL up and running). CLICK HERE to read about the Newport News SCAM

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