**Heads Up** Picnik’s Closing, Use Premium Tools for FREE!!

**Heads Up** Picnik’s Closing, Use Premium Tools for FREE!!

How many of you use Picnik to edit your photo’s online? I have been a big fan of Picnik and loved using their program. When I checked my email this morning, I was shocked to see their announcement saying they would be officially closing their site on 4/19/12. ๐Ÿ™ Sad day. If you were a premium (paid) member, you’ll be getting a refund soon.

The only good news in all this, is if you are a free member, you will now be able to use the premium tools until the closing of their site. So you’ll get to use all their awesomeness, that you normally would have to pay for, completely FREE!

If you want to get a copy of all your photos you have created, you can visit ‘Picnik Takeout‘ on the home page. They will let you choose any & all photo’s you want and will ‘zip’ them and prepare them for you to download. If you use Google+, you can send your photo’s there as well.

If you haven’t been using Picnik, you’ve been missing out. Check it out before this great program is gone forever. If you like editing photo’s and adding neat effects, you’ll really enjoy using their site. Don’t forget, you have until 4/19/12 to use all the tools available on their site, completely free, and make fun photo’s. Let us know if you’re sad to see Picnik go!!

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