**FREE** Gift Cards for Your Friends Birthdays!!!

**FREE** Gift Cards for Your Friends Birthdays!!!

How many of you post “Happy Birthday” wishes to your friends Facebook Walls? I do. I recently started using the birthdayfb app (FREE useful Facebook app to schedule personal birthday wishes to friends walls so you don’t forget, see our post here), and I’ve really enjoyed it. I am on Facebook for the majority of the day, but I remain on our Facebook Fan Page to be there to chat with all of you and answer questions. That being said, I miss the birthday notifications a lot of times – so that app has been a lifesaver.

It’s a neat app but may not be for everyone. Now we have another option for you when it comes to sending Happy Birthday Wishes!!

There is a new FREE app called Wrapp (available on iTunes and the Android Market), where you can wish your friends a Happy Birthday PLUS give them a FREE Gift Card!! There’s several gift card choices available (listed below) and it’s 100% FREE!!

Even better? If you don’t have a device to use this app on, go to it online from your computer!!

The only catch is that you can only send a limited amount of gift cards each day. You can send these FREE gift cards to people in the U.S., U.K., Norway, and Sweden. They will be opening up gift cards for other countries soon.

This app has tons of great reviews, everyone seems to be enjoying it. Afterall, who wouldn’t love to get a gift card for their birthday or the option to send one as a gift for FREE? A crazy person that’s who (haha)!

FREE Gift Cards Available:

  • $5.00 Sephora
  • $10.00 Fab.com (Fab.com also has a free credit promo going on thru July, read about it here)
  • $5.00 Spafinder
  • $5.00 Gap
  • $5.00 Brooklyn Industries
  • $10.00 WESC
  • $5.00 Bjorn Borg
  • $5.00 H&M
  • $5.00 Threadless

Now it’s not my birthday, but someone I was gifted a $5.00 Gap Card and a $10 Fab.com card (which ROCKS)! This is totally legit and very awesome! Start sending your friends & family FREE Gift Cards today!!


Huge thanks to GimmieFreebies for the heads up on this one!

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