Macy’s Bella Air Fryer on sale for $17.99

Bella Air Fryer on sale

Don’t want to quit fried foods, but can’t stand the calories? Why don’t you just fry your favorite foods in a Bella Air Fryer? This 1.2 quart Air Fryer has a 1230-watt system capable of frying up to 1.3 lbs of your favorite foods with less oil than a regular deep fryer. It also has the ability to grill, roast or bake as well. Bella Air Fryers also comes with a 60-minute auto shutoff timer that sounds off when it turns off and comes with the manufacturer’s one-year warranty. This is the perfect kitchen appliance for people who want to eat healthier! I can’t wait to make sweet potato fries and fried mushrooms with this Bella Air Fryer on sale. Get this Bella Air Fryer on sale today!


Enjoy your favorite fried foods guilt-free

Macy’s has got this Bella Air Fryer on sale for just $17.99! That is a heck of steal since this is regularly priced at $44.99 for the 1.2 quart sized Bella Air Fryer. You can pick up your Bella AirFryer in store or have it shipped to you in 2 business days. Christmas is right around the corner. Get your Christmas shopping started early with this Bella Air Fryer on sale today!

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