Add Santa to Your Pictures (FREE)!

Add Santa to Your Pictures (FREE)!

What a day! From doing some cleaning, wrapping, seeing lights, baking cookies, more wrapping and so much more…I’m one tired Mama! We finally got everything wrapped and stockings filled. I logged on to set up my laptop, so I could take some video in the morning of my girls with their presents. Then I decided it would be neat to find a way to add a Santa to a photo of our living room with everything done.

I googled several different things and kept finding sites, that while they did an awesome job adding Santa, they also cost money. Being the frugal Mom I am, I do not like to spend money on little things like that….so I kept looking.

Finally I found an app for iPhones or iPads, called Instant Santa. Yes it’s FREE! Take a picture of your living room (or wherever you choose) and instantly add Santa to your photo!! This is a fun little thing to do for your kids, if you do the whole ‘Santa thing’ this time of year.

There is only one ‘Free’ Santa you can add, but he’s perfectly capable of adding some magic to any photo! There are other Santa’s you can choose, which cost $0.99. That’s still a LOT cheaper than the other sites I found. They have Good Santa’s, Bad Santa’s, and Badder Santa’s.

We chose the FREE Santa and added him to our photo in less than 2 minutes. Super easy and EXACTLY what I was looking for! I couldn’t help but share with those of you who may still be up and might be interested.

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