**FREE** Account at AboutOne – Organize Your Life!

**FREE** Account at AboutOne – Organize Your Life!

Sign up for a FREE Account at AboutOne and organize your life! Just enter information about your family, health, education, vehicle, home, etc and it compiles that information into an organized database.

You can send out family newsletters to keep your family up to date on new things going on, pictures, etc! Very cool for relatives who you don’t get to see often. Print out babysitter instructions and information. No longer have to try to remember everything they need to know – you’ll have it right there anytime you need it.

Keep your health records and information then you can easily print it off and take it with you to help you quickly fill out forms at the doctor. The same thing goes for Education. You enter all your information and you’ll have a list you can look at or print off whenever you need it, making it super easy to fill out college forms!

This is such a great tool for any busy family. All your information is secure and in one place. Easy to update and handy to use! You’ll get a 17 day FREE Trial and it only docs days that you actually use their site. I signed up and am logging in my information as we speak!

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