**HOT** $30 Worth of Contact Lenses as Low as $3.50!!!

**HOT** $30 Worth of Contact Lenses as Low as $3.50!!!

How many of you are like me, and wear contacts?? If you do, you will LOVE today’s deal at Plum District!! You can get $30 worth of contact lenses from 1800AnyLens for only $15.00! That’s a great deal in itself, but it gets better!! Use code: Fabulous or PDX10 for 10% OFF your total! That will drop your total to $13.50!

If you snagged the FREE $10 Credit they gave out earlier this week, your total would only be $3.50!!

New member? Well you’ll get $5.00 in FREE Credit to use on any deal you like. If you use a discount code & your FREE $5.00 Credit, you’d only pay $8.50 for $30 worth of contacts!! Can’t beat that!


I am constantly looking for deals on contacts to make them extremely cheap or FREE. I don’t like paying full-price for hardly anything these days, haha. I snagged this one! Let us know if you do too!

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