I know I usually write about deals and savings but today I want to talk about Dads. The importance of Dads being around as well the father figures we need in our lives. I came across this great blog dadlifelessons.com that I believe we can all learn a little from. He talks about daily life, to funny stores and even shares good meals and recipes. I know he had me at food ;).  I wanted to share this resource since I am posting less often and thought that yall could use a good read. The cool part is he also shares some dad deals that he finds from time to time. These are deals he feels is worth to share with his reads, but don’t expect a ton. I would imagine there is a post or two a month around the deals. If you want to check out the latest ones go here. Who knows maybe you will check out the site and it will encourage you in your parenting journey or even help you save a few dollars while you are at it.

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