peanut butterAs a mother of 5, peanut butter is something we go through rather quickly. What kid doesn’t love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Mine eat it every day! Ah… to be a child again.


Anywho, I got to thinking. Wouldn’t it be better if we made some homemade peanut butter? It’s fun for the kids and it tastes so much better! Here’s the best part – it’s incredibly easy! So easy, that you’ll have homemade peanut butter in 5 minutes (using only 1 ingredient and only 2 steps). Here’s how:


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Homemade Peanut Butter in 5 Minutes


  • Peanuts (I used honey roasted)



1. Grind the peanuts in your food processor until creamy (about 5 minutes)
2. Pour into an empty jar.


Note: You can store this in the fridge or the pantry. It’s up to you. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated but I prefer it. In the fridge, the peanut butter thickens. Either option is safe.


That’s really all there is to it! You don’t need oil or anything. Just the peanuts. If you watch the processor work it’s magic, you’ll see the different stages the peanuts go through. They start as peanuts but then turn into a powder, a dough, and finally, peanut butter.


Peanuts have their own natural oils so you don’t need to add anything to them. Using the food processor, the peanuts break down and release their own natural oils. Pretty cool huh? It’s edible science!

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homemade peanut butter steps

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