OH MY GOSH! This incredibly awesome freebie just popped up! Not only will you get a FREE Velvet Plush Throw, but you’ll actual earn a $3 PROFIT! You’re literally getting PAID to snag this freebie! Note: This is only for NEW members of TCB. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Signup/Login (it’s FREE)
2. Search for Kmart
3. Click the orange “Cashback” button
4. Click orange “Get Cashback Now” button
5. Search for “Cannon velvet plush throw”
6. Clip the first box that pops up
7. Choose your color & add to cart
8. Signup/login to ShopYourWay (FREE Shipping for new members)
9. Checkout – Spend $10.99 and get $14 in cashback

If you’re NOT a new member to Shop Your Way (step #8), you won’t get free shipping! This entire deal is for NEW members to BOTH programs.

Note: Do NOT add ANYTHING else to your order. Just the Velvet Plush Throw. Adding additional items will negate the $14 cashback.

There’s no rebate forms to fill out or mail in. This is an instant online rebate – just follow the steps above and you’ll get it FREE (plus a $3 profit)!

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