Are you a member of Credit Sesame? If not, you’re missing out!!! It’s a FREE website, where you can see your Experian credit score (it’s updated monthly), learn ways to lower your debt, and work towards your financial goals. Did I mention that it’s FREE and that you’ll NEVER need a credit card? Bonus: They now offer FREE credit monitoring as well!


If you saw my post about the Walmart Email Phishing Scam, then you know how important it is to protect yourself against identity theft. Sign up for FREE on Credit Sesame!


Thanks to Credit Sesame, I was able to reach my ultimate goal. I just purchased my first home!

Here’s a screen shot of my scores over the past few months. You can see a brief drop (I opened a new line of credit), and then it started going back up! Now look at it!! My credit is excellent! This website is so incredibly helpful – and FREE!


Again.. totally FREE – no credit card needed…ever)!


Get it now –> FREE Credit Score (No Credit Card)!


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